The conscience of corporations: Public company ESG adoption
This new report from Intelligize offers the results of their recent survey into the reporting of information relating to public companies' ESG efforts. It includes the following questions: How focused is your company on each of the three topics covered by ESG – environmental, social and governance matters? Does your company benchmark against peers’ ESG disclosure when preparing its own? Do you believe your company’s...Read more
G7 makes historic decision for mandatory climate reporting: How will you succeed?
ESG Playbook's new report below examines environmental issues and what information investors need from IROs in this key area. It covers: proposed rules for mandatory climate risk reporting by the end of this year why climate change has emerged as one of the most important materiality issues key areas of climate disclosures that investors tend to focus on Download it today! Please complete the form...Read more
What investors need to know about the UN’s explosive new climate report
This new report from S&P Global looks at a scientific report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which has been another wake-up call for investors trying to assess the impact of climate change. The IPCC’s findings can help businesses, investors and regulators use data about their specific circumstances to understand how climate change can impact them directly – for example, in the form...Read more
Paving the way for credible net-zero targets in the food sector
FAIRR's new report focuses on ESG issues in the food and beverage industry. It analyses: the interpretation of carbon target-setting by food companies and why the landscape of targets is difficult to navigate what investors want from food and beverage companies regarding Scope 3 emissions how reliant companies are on offsetting to deliver net-zero and how this can be insufficient for investors Download this...Read more
Supporting issuers with ESG data
The number and scale of investors demanding greater disclosure of ESG-related data and integrating ESG into their capital allocation decision-making continues to gather pace around the world. This new report from London Stock Exchange sets out the necessity for ESG data and disclosure, and explains additional provisions of ESG data and scores which they are making available to London-listed companies. ...Read more
Effectively communicating ESG policies
This new report from Q4 offers best practices for effective ESG communication, including: how to identify and prioritize material issues how to structure your ESG information for investors differences in ESG communications by sector Download this report today. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive or be taken to the white...Read more
Addressing questions about the materiality of corporate ESG disclosure
Over the last few months the topic of 'materiality' in disclosures has been the subject in several SEC leadership speeches. This briefing from DFIN focuses on ESG and materiality assessment, and presents best practice to determine company-specific materiality and decide on content to be disclosed or not. It answers questions such as: How long does a materiality assessment take? What is the best way to use the...Read more
ESG: How the sell side, buy side and corporations are navigating
This new report from Cowen offers insights on the developing ESG landscape, including: Statistics and analysis on the impact of ESG on investors' decisions How ESG is increasingly related to risk Top three strategies for ESG, including how to proactively engage the buy side and sell side Download it below now. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in...Read more
ESG: Threading the needle between disclosure and action
This new report from Solebury Trout looks at recent developments in ESG and sets out: How to avoid green-washing, over-disclosure and sand traps How to improve risk management, remain competitive and create additional long-term value for shareholders and other key stakeholders Five steps to control your own ESG destiny Download it below today Please complete the form below with the information...Read more
ESG Disclosures - Your ESG journey guided by our 5-step engagement
When competing for capital with others around the globe, one powerful way to distinguish yourself is with a carefully crafted ESG message. IROs often have questions about where to start, what matters most and what should be disclosed at the web-site, the proxy, 10-K and other channels. To answer these questions, DFIN, along with their sustainability reporting partners the Governance & Accountability Institute (G...Read more
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