Case studies

Oct 05, 2021
Stakeholder Management report
Sponsored by Nasdaq IR Magazine ’s Stakeholder Management report examines the recent development of attitudes toward stakeholder issues and the consequent effect of this upon IR. Findings are based on data from the IR Magazine Global IR Survey conducted in Q1 to Q3 2021, with 441 IROs answering questions relevant to this report. By downloading this report, you will learn...Read more
Irwin case study: Lantern Pharma
This new case study of Lantern Pharma sets out candid quotes and tips from head of investor relations, Marek Ciszewski, on targeting, tracking and growing relationships with investors. It covers how Lantern Pharma: targets investors by location to arrange meetings around the CEO’s schedule to maximize opportunities targets investors by geographic region, sector, market cap and peer investments for their outreach...Read more
Jul 05, 2021
Covid-19 Update report
IR Magazine ’s Covid-19 Update report is a further study of how the Covid-19 pandemic and social measures to combat it have affected investor relations. Findings in the report are based on 255 interviews with IROs, investors and analysts in May 2021. By downloading this report, you will learn: What the changes to working practices mean for IR How IR resources have been affected by the...Read more
Irwin case study: Sierra Metals
This case study features Sierra Metals, a premier Latin American precious and base metals producer with significant resource growth potential, headquartered in Toronto. This report contains quotes, tips and examples of challenges from vice president of investor relations, Mike McAllister. This report sets out: How Sierra Metals has used NOBO data to uncover shareholders not included in public filings Case studies of...Read more
Mar 29, 2021
Investor Events report
Sponsored by Intrado IR Magazine ’s Investor Events report examines the changing face of investor events in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Findings in this report are based on data from the IR Magazine Global IR Survey conducted in Q3 2020 and Q1 2021 and the IR Magazine Global Investor Survey conducted in Q4 2020. By downloading this report, you will learn:...Read more
Sustainability spurs investment: Public company case study
This new report from IHS Markit offers a case study of Ball Corporation, a well-established industrials leader that was seeking to amplify its outreach strategy to attract additional investment from ESG-focused investors. It sets out the specific strategies and measuring methodologies used to undertake this task. Download this report today to find out tips and analysis to inform your targeting and outreach...Read more
Jan 25, 2021
Global Investor Relations Practice Report 2020
Based on a survey of more than 900 corporate IR professionals, the Global Investor Relations Practice Report 2020 looks at how IR teams operate worldwide. The report contains insights on important issues including: IR budgets IR team sizes and salaries Reporting lines (for example, to the CEO or CFO) Level of senior management participation in IR Number of investor meetings External IR spend Analyst...Read more
Investor Relations is a competitive advantage
This new IHS Markit analysis focuses on best-in-class IR programs, identifying what makes these teams stand above the rest and quantifying their success. By creating a lower cost of capital and a competitive business advantage, companies are better positioned to maximize valuation. Key findings in this report are: How effective investor relations impacts valuation and volatility Candid quotes from industry leading...Read more
Sep 17, 2020
Investor Perception Study – US 2020
The Investor Perception Study – US 2020 looks at the current leading companies and individuals for IR in the US as voted for by the investment community. A total of 348 portfolio managers and analysts took part in online and telephone surveys in Q3 and Q4 2019 to determine the best current exponents of IR in the country. Research was carried out into 11 different categories related to IR. This research was...Read more
Aug 10, 2020
IR Objectives & Challenges report
The IR Magazine Objectives & Challenges report is an examination of the issues faced by IR teams throughout 2019 and 2020. Findings in this report are based on data from the IR Magazine Global IR Survey conducted in Q1 2020 and the IR Magazine Global Investor Survey conducted in Q4 2019. Download this report to learn: What do IROs consider their recent IR challenges to be? What goals...Read more
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