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Research Section: Which is your favorite service provider?

Lloyd Bevan unearths some interesting results from last year’s IRO survey.

In the summer of 2012, as part of IR Magazine’s global IRO survey, we asked a number of questions relating to IR departmental responsibility, outsourcing and external IR service provision.

Findings from these questions went on to be used in the IR Magazine Global Practice Report 2012 and were expanded upon in last month’s article on IR outsourcing (see IR teams increase outsourcing, February 2013).

One question from this survey that we have not reported upon – until now – concerns IROs’ favorite service providers: we asked respondents to name their first, second and third-favorite service providers, the services they provide and their reasons for choosing them.

The question was asked more for our own curiosity than for the compiling of a formal ranking, but the results have proved too interesting to keep to ourselves.

Although the initial question was asked in an informal manner, we have analyzed the results with the same rigorous methodology we use for our IR Magazine Awards, with a system of points allocated proportionately to first, second and third favorites. More than 450 individual ‘votes’ on IR service provision around the world are represented here.

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