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Research report: Measuring & Demonstrating IR: Part II – Senior management

In this report, Garnet Roach looks at what senior management wants to see from IR and how IROs can best prove the worth of their program to those at the top.

This report presents the views of nearly 600 investor relations professionals from our IR survey, about how they measure and demonstrate the value of IR to senior management. 

It provides statistics and verbatim quotations in response to questions including:

  • What is the best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of IR to senior management at your company?
  • How important do you think IR is to senior management at your company?
  • Which factors do you think are most important in senior management’s assessment of the quality of IR?
  • What do you want most from investor feedback?

It also includes a case study looking at assessing the value of IR at Anta Sports.

This is the second report in our Measuring & Demonstrating IR series focused on how companies measure the success of their IR program. You can also find the first report here: 
Research Report: Measuring & Demonstrating IR – Part I

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