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Outsourcing IR

IR Magazine reveals the results of our survey into the use of external services by IR departments.

Outsourcing IR

Based on a survey of 891 IR practitioners, this report looks into 21 key areas of corporate activity and identifies and explores the level of responsibility and outsourcing by IR departments for these areas. Each activity is looked at by overall respondents as well as by region and market cap and includes the following:

  • Levels of primary and secondary IR departmental responsibility
  • Use of external service providers in each area
  • Annual external IR spend in each area
  • Levels of importance and satisfaction in external service provision
  • Areas where IR departments would outsource if resources allowed
  • Outsourcing in countries outside of home market

Outsourcing IR analyzes the findings of this survey and identifies how corporate practice toward responsibility and outsourcing differs according to geographical location or company size.

To accompany the report there is also a datasheet, available to download here, which provides complete statistics for each of the key areas, broken down by region and market cap.

You can view a brief sample of the report here.

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