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Research reports

Below you can find a selection of our most popular reports for 2018, available to download individually without a subscription. If you would like to find out more about our research reports or have any other questions, please contact us.

Global IR Salary & Careers Report 2018

An investigation into the current salaries and bonuses paid to IR practitioners, this report examines:

  • What are the average salaries of IROs and heads of IR by region, market cap and sector?
  • What impact does background have on a career in IR?
  • What other additional responsibilities do IROs have?
  • What would most improve job satisfaction among IROs?
  • Do women still receive less pay and bonuses than their male counterparts?

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The Value of IR

This research report explores how the quality of IR affects share price and investment decisions.

  • How much does IR influence investment decisions? 
  • How much of a premium does good IR add to the share price?
  • How much of a discount is applied to the share price for less credible IR?
  • The effect of departure of IROs on investment decisions
  • The importance of individual IRO's qualities and experience

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Technology & IR 

IR Magazine’s first report into the use of technology in IR examines how investor relations teams are handling their technology budgets, where they plan to focus their resources and how happy they are with the tools they are using.

  • In which areas are IR budgets spent on technology?
  • How much do IR departments spend on technology?
  • Which areas have the greatest need for more technology resources/tools?
  • How satisfied are IR departments with the technology they use?

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Senior Management IR Practice

A comprehensive study into senior management engagement with IR.

  • How much time does senior management spend on IR? 
  • How often do senior managers attend investor meetings? 
  • What is the reporting structure of IR to senior management? 
  • What factors affect and are affected by senior management IR practice?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of reporting to the CEO or CFO?

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IR Websites

Based on surveys of 1250+ investors, analysts, IROs and senior management, the IR Websites report looks at what the investment community wants from IR websites and investigates the ways that IR teams can improve their online engagement with investors.

By downloading this report, you will learn:

  • Which types of information should be directly accessible on the IR website?
  • How long should information be kept on the IR website?
  • In what formats should results information and presentations be made available?
  • Which types of information should be included within company presentations?
  • How should the investment community be notified when a new presentation is uploaded?

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Objectives and Challenges

IR Objectives and Challenges

Based on responses from almost 600 IR professionals and senior management members, IR Objectives & Challenges examines top IR goals for 2018, from investor targeting to gathering feedback or increasing research coverage, as well as the key issues the community has been grappling with over the past year. 

The report looks in detail at the following objectives and provides advice on how to achieve these goals:

  • Target new investors
  • Enhance engagement with existing shareholders
  • Increase international share ownership
  • Increase research coverage
  • Provide greater management accessibility
  • Increase domestic share ownership

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Investor Engagement

This report looks at the preferences and expectations of the investment community and how those match up with the efforts of IROs and management.

By downloading this report, you will learn:

  • What type of meetings are preferred by the investment community?
  • How many roadshows, investor days, site visits and investor conferences do corporates host or attend each year? 
  • Which meetings do IROs and senior management find most rewarding and why? 
  • How frequently do investors expect meetings with companies they invest in?
  • How are investors invited to roadshows and how do they prefer to be invited?
  • What length should presentations and Q&A sessions be at meetings?
  • How should post event feedback be handled?

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IR Resources

IR Magazine investigates the team size, team structure and budgets of investor relations departments globally through a survey of more than 1100 IR professionals.

By downloading this report, you will learn:

  • Benchmark your IR budget against other companies
  • Learn about the size and structure of IR teams around the world 
  • Find out how much IR teams spend on external services
  • View results broken down by region (North America, Europe and Asia), market cap (mega-cap, large cap, mid-cap and small cap) and sector
  • See how IROs would utilize additional resources

Buy the full report here for $395