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Nov 15, 2023

The future of perception: Impact Intelligence

Sponsored contentPerception is at an inflection point. Behind us is a narrow model shaped by standardization, static benchmarks in a world of transformational economic, social, technological and geopolitical change and alignment to frameworks from a bygone era. Ahead of us is a future where best-in-class public companies require a strategic and tailor-made approach for a world where valuation is highly context-dependent, expert multi-disciplinary analysis informed by deep domain, sector and geographic knowledge and unrivaled expertise in how and what to communicate to investors. Impact Intelligence will power this future.

The current state of perception 

The current perception model is centered around narrow and standardized question sets and the idea that benchmarking against static normative data and ‘proprietary’ research will provide insight to shape the equity narrative and improve valuation. This analysis is a reductive, one-size-fits-all approach. It assumes that what mattered or worked in years past will work today and for your industry. Although this type of analysis may be interesting, is it impactful? Does it provide a competitive advantage? Does it meaningfully inform decision-making? It does not.

The inflection point

Analytical models are reflective of the environment in which they were developed. When the operating environment changes, the model needs to evolve as well.

This is the inflection point. Boards, the C-suite and the elevated investor relations officer require cutting-edge intelligence to navigate in an environment that is more complex, multi-faceted and interconnected and where the future drivers of valuation are different and more expansive in areas like:

  • Foresight: What inputs should inform our scenario planning?
  • Strategy: How should our strategy reflect fundamental shifts or broader transformation?
  • The Foundational Four: What is the sentiment about our strategic trajectory, market position, capital structure and execution excellence?
  • Policy & risk analytics: Which changes in our public policy approach, legal and regulatory position or employee-activation strategies could be valuation accelerators?
  • Technology: How should we run our business and engage with investors in a world shaped by digital and generative artificial intelligence?
  • Diversity of the investor base: How and what should I communicate to my increasingly diverse institutional, retail and global investor base?
  • Globalized special situations: To what degree do I have activism or short-seller risk in a world of globalized capital?
  • Geopolitical risk: What are the important geopolitical considerations in terms of strategy, operations and capital allocation?

Introducing Impact Intelligence

So what will enable this new operating environment? Public companies need a new and transformational approach to assess investor sentiment. Enter Impact Intelligence, which creates competitive advantage for our clients on two levels: the quality of the global team and network, and the depth, breadth and value of the approach.

The team

Expert, cross-disciplinary and global: Experts in business strategy, finance, communication, marketing, geopolitics and investor relations that can navigate complex, intricate issues critical to valuation and tap our broad global network for additional insight. The team also has deep knowledge across sectors and geographies.

The approach

  1. Objective exploration: Collaborate with clients to design a strategic and tailor-made approach that reflects context-specific elements and the unique client environment.  
  2. Flexible and holistic collection: Execute intelligence collection, which can include institutional, retail and global investors, from market and on-the-ground geopolitical perspectives and other sources.
  3. Strategic analysis: Leverage a first principles and integrated process that uses advanced tools, including predictive modeling and algorithmic processing, which can lead to a significant shift in understanding of investor sentiment and uncover unique perspective and unexpected and impactful findings.
  4. Market activation: Create accretive value through integrated recommendations, expert execution and market-leading talent and capabilities at global scale across the full range of investor relations services.  

Leaders at every level of best-in-class public companies want the competitive advantage that Impact Intelligence can provide, which is why Breakwater Strategy designed our market-leading solution to be available at a market-competitive price. Forward into the future together.

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