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Women in IR: ‘Success can be designed differently,’ says Smooch Repovich Rosenberg

Sep 06, 2023
First in two-part video series looks at changing workplace dynamics and how they affect female IROs

The pandemic has changed the way success is perceived in the workplace and opened up new opportunities for female IR professionals, according to executive search consultant Smooch Repovich Rosenberg.

But there remains ‘a lot more work to do’ to achieve ‘pay and respect equity’ for women in the IR profession, she says. 

In the first of a two-part video series, Repovich Rosenberg discusses the challenges facing female IROs, changing workplace culture and the importance of taking control of your own career.

‘Without overdoing the impact of the pandemic on all of our lives… the dynamics of work/life changed for everyone. And the great news is that I believe it’s helped influence management teams in a number of ways,’ she says.

‘It’s increased their flexibility in their own thinking about everything, which is terrific. They’ve recognized that credibility and success can be designed differently, now more than ever.’

In the video, Repovich Rosenberg urges female IR professionals to think critically about how to shape their career path.

‘Have you prioritized your aspirations and do you vocalize your desired prospective career outcomes in a manner that allows your management team to hear you and embrace them so that you can achieve your goals?’ she asks. ‘Always remember that unless you take ownership of your destiny, no one else will.’

Part two of the video series, focused on practical advice for women in IR to help advance their careers, will be released on September 20.