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Wednesday Winner: Gibson Energy makes progress in IR

Jul 15, 2020
In the latest installment of our socially distanced video series, we catch up with Mark Chyc-Cies, who has won awards with both Veresen and Gibson Energy in recent years

Mark Chyc-Cies is on a roll, having taken home the most progress in IR trophy for two consecutive years at the IR Magazine Awards – Canada.

In 2018 Chyc-Cies was working for Veresen and in 2019 he was at Gibson Energy, where he currently serves as the vice president of strategy, planning and investor relations. In this video, he talks about how he has approached revamping the IR programs at both companies and how central investor engagement and communication is to that effort. Chyc-Cies also discusses the ways in which Covid-19 has changed how he thinks about investor targeting.

This is the third episode in our new socially distanced video series, where we profile award winners from around the world. If there’s a particular award winner or award category you would like to see profiled, please email