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IR TV: Edit Kiss of Revalue Nature on biodiversity and climate change

Mar 31, 2023
‘Biodiversity is living, it’s nature, it’s people’

Edit Kiss, chief investment officer at Revalue Nature, spoke at the latest IR Magazine ESG Integration Forum – Europe.

During her panel session alongside two other IR professionals, she addressed how biodiversity is becoming more prominent in the wider climate conversation and how it differs from ESG.

Kiss also spoke about the new pressures around biodiversity facing public companies in 2023 and how they relate to climate.

After the session, IR Magazine sat down for a one-to-one chat with Kiss for targeted advice on understanding biodiversity and how IR professionals can start working with companies to ensure biodiversity remains on the climate-change agenda.

No excuse for inaction

‘It’s very different: biodiversity is living, it’s nature, it’s people, it’s animals, it’s species, it’s so diverse that we can’t simplify it with one metric,’ she said.

‘But that shouldn’t be the excuse for inaction. We have a lot of progress in this area and now have much more knowledge – scientific, technological and technical – to quantify and start measuring biodiversity and ecosystem integrity.

‘Partnership is key, as is collaboration between public, private, domestic and international companies, investors and civil society.’

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