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IR TV: Award winner Mega Lifesciences on embracing online culture

Dec 14, 2023

This year’s IR Magazine Forum & Awards – South East Asia was held in person for the first time since 2019.

The event kicked off with a forum in which investors, analysts and heads of IR from small, mid and large-cap companies came together to discuss key issues relating to IR, corporate governance and shareholder needs.

It was then followed by an award ceremony acknowledging the best in IR practices across the region. One of the winners of the day was Mega Lifesciences, which took home the trophy for best IR website. Two of its team members spoke at the forum in a panel session exploring how to go beyond peer analysis to provide insight into using alternative data to enhance success during investor meetings.

After the forum, Manoj Gurbuxani, the firm’s deputy CFO and Francis Rego, senior vice president of finance at Mega Lifesciences, spoke to IR Magazine.

We asked Rego what some of the biggest changes had been at the company over the past four years. He said that as hybrid models became more apparent, ‘we started embracing the online culture as well. It has actually been quite effective: initially, we were hesitant, but I think as days went by, we became more and more comfortable with it. Now it’s sort of the default communication tool for us.’

Discussing the content from the panel session and how communication has changed over the years, Gurbuxani explained that in terms of investor engagement the rise in online platforms ‘has helped us in communicating with more and more investors’.

‘We are getting a lot of investor perspectives as well,’ he said. ‘We’ve been practicing with more and more investors as we go along. It is helping us with the organization on a worldwide basis to improve our communications.’

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