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Ignacio Cuenca of Iberdrola talks to us at the IR Magazine Awards – Europe 2022

Jun 30, 2022

Iberdrola arrived at the IR Magazine Awards – Europe 2022 following a ‘tough year’ for the market in general and utilities in particular, explained Ignacio Cuenca, director of IR at the Spanish company.

Markets have faced a range of challenges, from the war in Ukraine to soaring inflation, said Cuena during a red-carpet interview. For the utilities sector in particular, there have also been ‘regulatory fears,’ he adds. ‘Within that, we are doing a good job, because the environment is not easy to manage.’

It seems investors and analysts agree: they voted for Iberdrola to win best IR in the utility sector at the awards. The company was also nominated for best overall IR by a large cap.

For the year ahead, Cuena said IR teams need to maintain the job they have been doing over recent months and years, making sure they stay close to investors and keep them informed about any changes affecting the business, industry and stock market. ‘We have to keep going,’ he said.

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