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‘Half of our clients want a driver of ESG’: The growing importance of sustainability to IR careers

Mar 02, 2022
The fifth video in a series on careers advice for IR professionals

IR professionals are hearing ever more questions from investors about ESG issues. But what about questions from hiring managers when they go for a job interview?

The number of companies asking about ESG experience or interest when conducting a search for an IR candidate has risen five-fold in five years, says Smooch Repovich Reynolds, CEO and founder of SmoochUnplugged.

‘Five years ago, maybe 10 percent of our clients were asking about this topic and thinking about it,’ she says. ‘Today, 50 percent of our clients want someone who can be a driver of ESG, whether or not that person has the experience.’

Reynolds says the rise in importance of ESG is another opportunity for IROs to place themselves at the ‘nexus’ of key issues within a company. ‘Customers and the investment community are demanding companies be savvy on this topic,’ she says.

IR professionals who want to build knowledge about sustainability issues should get on the phone and talk to peers, even if they are competitors, advises Reynolds.

‘See what they are doing and how they are thinking about it,’ she says. ‘I also think it’s really important for IROs to be initiators. Initiate the conversation inside your company. Create the committee of other executives who need to be involved.’

This is the fifth episode in a video series focused on helping IR professionals achieve their career goals. If there’s a particular topic you would like to see discussed, please email