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AI in IR: Upskilling, challenges and future uses

Mar 11, 2024
Investor targeting, ESG integration and corporate reporting are three critical areas AI could help with, speakers say

Ross Hawley, head of IR at Redde Northgate and David Irish, IR and ESG senior manager at Vodafone, were two of the panelists at the recent IR Magazine Forum - AI for IR  event held in London last week.

Their session looked at how AI is influencing the skills and responsibilities of IR and what practitioners can do to ensure they stay informed about how to integrate AI into existing workflows.

After the session, Hawley and Irish delved into their current use of AI-powered tools in their daily roles. They addressed prevalent misunderstandings and challenges associated with the technology and delved into the long-term potential of these technological advancements.

When asked about strategies for IR professionals to broaden their skill set in embracing AI tools, Hawley outlined three essential steps: networking with peers at AI-related events, engaging with service providers and maintaining continuous education.

Irish agreed, emphasizing the importance of IR teams proactively connecting with AI technology providers and learning from the experiences of other IR teams who are already incorporating AI into their practices.

They also discussed their expectations of how future applications of AI could further enhance their roles, envisioning innovative ways to leverage this technology in investor targeting practices, ESG and corporate reporting among others.

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