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AI in IR: Keeping up with the speed of change

Mar 13, 2024

Erik Carlson, COO & CFO of Notified, was one of the panelists at the recent IR Magazine Forum – AI for IR event in London.

Among other things, his session explored where AI could add the most value to IR as technologies evolve.

In this interview, Carlson points out the increasing ways IR professionals are harnessing the capabilities of AI for time-saving benefits. Considering one challenge – the rapid evolution of AI – he recommends that companies establish a governance structure or a similar framework to adapt to this pace of change.

‘You have to find that balance of wasting time versus using time to identify new tools and new use cases.

‘Having a governance committee in place in a corporate enterprise structure  is a really good way to do that and make sure that you're investing time and that you're putting parameters around those use cases in an effective manner,’ he adds.

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