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Apr 15, 2014

Research section: Thoughts on the capital markets

IROs believe things are looking up in the investment markets

There’s one frustration all researchers share: when a client or someone you are reporting to dismisses the value of your findings because those findings conform to his or her expectations. ‘Tell me something I don’t already know!’ he or she might exclaim, to which our reply would be (if we were brave enough), ‘We have: before, you thought it; now, you know it.’

We mention this because the headline finding in this section will be entirely unsurprising to many of our readers. It is that IROs – particularly in the West – view the investment markets in 2013 with considerably more positivity than in previous years.

Hopefully, however, you will find there’s more to the research than that headline. In this section we identify where this positive view is most common, how the view changes from sector to sector and how it is affected by company size. We also look at how these changes in investment market sentiment affect the questions investors ask IROs and the areas they are interested in.

Research section: Thoughts on the capital markets