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Apr 17, 2024

How IR teams interact with the board now available

As the primary point of contact with their investors and the wider capital markets, IR professionals are taking on an increasingly important strategic role within their organization. As a result, many are reporting that their interactions with their company’s board are becoming more frequent and more in-depth, reinforcing the feedback loop between a corporation and its stakeholders.


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As the significance of their role grows, IR professionals are finding themselves interacting with their company’s board of directors more regularly and with greater impact. These interactions have become more substantive as boards recognize the value of direct communication with IROs, whether to learn more about the expectations of shareholders or wider feedback from the market. In turn, this shift is facilitating a deeper, more dynamic exchange of ideas and is enhancing the board’s ability to make informed strategic decisions.

This research investigates exactly how IR teams are engaging with their board and other senior management figures, the channels they use to do so and the issues they are discussing with their board most often. It also contains breakdowns of how large a proportion of these interactions are spent on governance-related matters, whether they have dealt with activists and who their point of contact tends to be, based on the issues being discussed.


This report is available to subscribers to IR Magazine.

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