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Mifid II


Mifid II

Mifid II: What you need to know

Mifid II one year on: What the situation looks like in 2019

Corporate access and Mifid II: One year on
What’s changed in the corporate access landscape since Mifid II came into place and what IROs can do to take control of the schedule

Research and Mifid II: One year on
After all the hype around research cutbacks, what does the reality look like a year into Mifid II? And what practical steps can IROs take around research?

Consensus and Mifid II: One year on
How has the Mifid II impact on research affected consensus?

Mifid II to become global standard via US push
Momentum picking up for SEC to transition to Mifid II rules

Mifid II could save investors £1 bn on research, says FCA
Technology changing how buy side supplies, monitors and values research

Hardman & Co: UK small caps and Aim firms increase coverage post-Mifid
Analyst coverage bucking broader trend so far, says research provider and consultant

European asset management research budgets fall one year on from Mifid II
Independent research providers have not benefitted, says CFA Institute research

Hundreds of stocks at risk from Brexit and Mifid II trading rule
Worst-case scenario will see EU firms unable to trade on UK exchanges

Mifid II puts pressure on IR teams
Smaller IR teams most affected

The CII view of Mifid II
Council of Institutional Investors general counsel Jeff Mahoney talks about what the US group thinks of Mifid II and how it would like the SEC to address the European regulation in the US market  

No reduction in small-cap coverage in first year of Mifid II
Equity research falls – but not at small caps, says LBS research

More UK small caps seeking IR support post-Mifid II, report reveals
EU regulation having detrimental impact on liquidity of small-cap shares

Mifid II results in lower commission rates
Biggest price reductions seen from fund managers bound by European regulation

The bill for the buffet: Mifid II in the US
A look at Mifid II in the US a year after Europe-wide implementation

Articles from 2018

Whether you’re after the basics or looking for more in-depth knowledge – such as how Mifid II tallies with US rules or what the buy side thinks about the upcoming regulation – we’ve got everything you need to know on Mifid II. We’ve grouped our archive of articles on the mammoth European regulation into two categories: Mifid Technical and Mifid Learning (below). Each section is in chronological order, with the most recent articles first.

Mifid Technical

Mifid II going global, says research
IR Magazine anticipated trend for European regulation to become global standard

Mifid II experts challenge AMF chairman’s assertions on regulation
No merit in AMF unbundling critique, say commentators

Mifid II impacts on trading liquidity and broker research, says study
But brokers and fund managers are all still grappling with the new rules

Corporate access moving to direct model post-Mifid II
Direct investor interactions with companies to rise further

Mifid II having impact on Asia-Pacific companies
Regulation has deep bearing on how companies engage with investors

Part three of a Mifid II special: Ticker 88
‘I don’t think anyone got it more wrong than the sell side [in underestimating] how quickly things were going to change’

Five ways Mifid II is set to revolutionize IR
How the biggest shake-up since Reg FD is set to change investor relations

Mifid II seen as internalizing IRO and investor work
Regulation starting to have real-world impact, expert says

Part two of a Mifid II special: Ticker 86
‘There has been no cliff edge, there’s been no massive disruption, but we are now seeing lots of little anecdotes of where behavior is changing’

Consultant offers Mifid II-readiness checklist for IR teams
Warns against a ‘wait and see’ approach

Bellevue manager: Build relationships as sell side shrinks
Paul Major talks corporate access, paid-for research and IR outsourcing in a post-Mifid world

Indorama IR head expects Mifid II to take hold in Asia
The European regulation will have an impact on IR in the region, says Richard Jones

A Mifid II special: Ticker 85
‘IR is in the process of changing from a purely communications function to more of a sales function’

Fifty days of Mifid II: A look at what’s changed
Companies relying heavily on brokers most affected by new regulation

Mifid II: US small caps said to eye paid-for research
Company-sponsored options face questions from some observers

Survey reveals client reporting as greatest
Mifid II implementation challenge Transaction and transparency reporting, inducements and research also cited

NBIM will not pay for non-deal roadshows
Investment manager seeks issuers’ assurance meetings will still take place

Will Mifid II lead research providers to start new funds?
Some research providers to compete with clients in bid to create new revenue stream or prove their capabilities

Mifid Learning

Adjusting to Mifid II
Andrew Holt talks to EQS CEO Achim Weick about the latest trends involving Mifid II

Mifid II: Prepare for impact
The real changes from Mifid II will soon start to kick in

Mifid II: Q&A with Edison’s new institutional marketing hire
Institutional equity sales specialist Nicky Stewart joins from Capital Access Group

TAV Airports: Moving forward on Mifid II
Case study taken from the IR Magazine Research Report: IR Objectives & Challenges

Mifid II shifts IR’s tech equation
Technology is changing the way IROs work, assisted by the introduction of Mifid II. IROs need to get on board – but they also need to know why they’re taking the journey

Companies need to get to grips with Mifid II, say experts
Corporates must do more to get their message heard

Thinking about Mifid II
The IR Magazine Think Tank – UK & Ireland 2017 in London explored several issues. Inevitably, Mifid II was top of the list

Hong Kong stays top of diverse Asia roadshow list
Four US cities and two from the UK make up top 10 most-visited roadshow destinations by Asian firms in 2017

Buy-side survey: Issuers remain unprepared for Mifid II
Complex firms such as those in life sciences could struggle to tell story, says Optimum Strategic Communications

Two trends identified due to Mifid II
Surveys indicate less sell-side corporate access and cut in European fund managers’ research budgets

Mifid II: A positive outlook for small and mid-cap companies
It’s not all doom and gloom as Mifid II comes into force

Mifid II: The rubber hits the road
After months of debate and discussion, it is finally D-Day for Mifid II

Articles from 2017. Click here to view our Mifid II archive