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IR Magazine 30th anniversary edition

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Thirty years since its launch, IR Magazine is in celebratory mood

Of course, 30 is a mere baby compared with the magazine that describes itself as the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the English language. That’s The Spectator, which, at 190, is old enough to be our great- great-great-grandparent.

But it’s hardly a fair comparison. There really was no call for a publication about IR in 1828. Even in 1988 it was a bit doubtful. The first corporate investor relations department had been launched by General Electric in 1953 by its then president Ralph Cordiner. He saw the need for listed firms to compete for investment via direct communications with their shareholders, or potential shareholders, and so launched the world’s first IR function.

In 1969, as IR was starting to become the norm in the US, the National Investor Relations Institute – or NIRI, as we now know it – was established and the rest of the world gradually began to follow suit. The UK’s Investor Relations Society started life in 1980, and there are now more than 30 investor relations associations around the world. Several of those bodies – including Meira, Dirk, Cliff and Nevir – offer comment in this issue, which also covers IR events in Brazil, Canada, France, India, the US and beyond. 

To be sure, investor relations has changed since 1988. It’s not just that it’s become an accepted and a global discipline; it’s also one whose importance is recognized by CEOs, CFOs, investors, analysts and more. 

But where will it be in 30 years’ time? Can it survive the growing proportion of investment decisions being made by algorithms? The degree of artificial intelligence involvement in the field? When these have taken over, the human aspects of the investor relationships will all but fade away. And it’s the human aspects that differentiate IR from so much else in the investment world. Its dependence on trust, honesty and relationships. Those are surely timeless values. So here’s to IR’s survival – to 2048 and beyond. 

Winter 2018 features:


In the beginning...
Janet Dignan recalls the early days of IR Magazine


Stepping up a gear
How has the development of technology shaped IR over the past 30 years? Tim Human reports


The future of IR
Investor relations associations from around the world share their views on what they believe the future holds for the profession

New strategic plan aligns NIRI with the future of IR
Gary LaBranche, president and CEO of NIRI, outlines the association’s vision for the future

Brexit uncertainty clouds UK future
But Mifid II and ESG are also top of mind for UK IROs, finds Gary Davies, CEO of the IR Society 

Changing the way IROs work
Olivier Psaume, chair of Cliff, the French IR association, shares his thoughts on where IR has come from – and where it’s going 

Keep on learning to stay ahead of the game
Serena Zuidema, IRO at Signify and board member of Dutch IR body Nevir, on the six areas IROs should watch for the future

Great strides ahead: IR in the Middle East
Andrew Tarbuck, chair of Meira, says IR features strongly in the region’s post-oil era

The view from the continent
Kay Bommer, general manager at German IR association Dirk, imagines a trip to the European Capital Markets Forum 2038 


Starring in alphabetical order...
Whose IR has most impressed over the past three decades? IR Magazine looks at a selection of investor relations stars from the past 30 years  


Global Roadshow Report 2018 
The definitive guide to roadshow practices around the world, based on the responses of 750 IR professionals, including rankings of the most-visited cities and the most-used brokers 


Know the score 
As ESG issues grow in importance for investors, IROs face an ever-increasing burden from ESG questionnaires. Garnet Roach looks at what can be done to better manage the subsequent workload 


Dealing with debt
Ian Williams talks to IROs and ratings agencies about mutual relationship expectations 


Proxy 2019: Governance trends go global 
From compensation to climate risk, diversity to disclosure, Ben Ashwell looks at the issues likely to dominate the 2019 proxy season 


Three is the magic number 
Three companies took home three gongs each at the IR Magazine Awards – Europe 2018. Garnet Roach reports 

Hitting a moving target 
Andrew Holt reports from this year’s IR Magazine Think Tank – Europe 

The story of winning 
Andrew Holt talks to Sergio Gámez, Santander’s global head of shareholders and IR 


The duel over dual-class shares 
Dual-class shares may be a boon for capital markets in Asia, but concerns persist over lapses in governance standards. Andrew Holt reports 


Feedback from the forums 
Highlights from IR Magazine’s female-focused forums in North America 

Doing more with less
Ben Ashwell reports from the IR Magazine Forum & Awards – Small Cap US 

Paradigm shifts
Highlights from IR Magazine’s second West Coast Think Tank of 2018 

Mifid, MAR and ESG
Laurie Havelock reports from the inaugural IR Magazine Think Tank – France 

The changing ETF world 
Ben Ashwell reports from the IR Magazine Think Tank – Canada 

IR comes of age in the Middle East 
Oliver Schutzmann reports from the 10th annual Meira conference in Dubai  


Calm amid the storm
Laurie Havelock reports from the inaugural IR Magazine Forum & Awards – India 

Best of Brazil
Ben Ashwell presents highlights from this year’s IR Magazine Awards – Brazil 

All about that ESG
Garnet Roach reports from the IR Magazine Global Forum & Awards 2018 

Global Top 50 revealed
New-look top 50 sees 10 firms named best in sector


GAM theory 
Gill Newton catches up with Ali Miremadi of GAM to talk market cap cut-offs and turning around Rolls-Royce 



New medium
Is it a video? Is it a PDF? No! It’s GraphCall. Garnet Roach reports


Thirty years of IR careers
Garnet Roach presents highlights form the IR30 careers series 
Print magazine only

Six month review: Célia d’Everlange of SMCP
Former IR director at Danone discusses what IR has been like in the newly created role at the Paris brand owner. Garnet Roach reports

15 questions with DXB Entertainments
Marwa Gouda is head of investor relations at Dubai-based DXB Entertainments


Gender diversity
Deborah Gilshan of Aberdeen Standard Investments, argues the economic case for gender diversity


Winter quiz edition
Empirical evidence from the world of IR, as seen by Jeff Cossette


Prophets warning
Predicting the future is a precarious business, finds Clare Harrison