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How has Mifid II changed corporate access?

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Best practice guide: The evolution of corporate access

Corporate access is changing. All three participants – the sell side, the buy side and issuers – are facing challenges that fundamentally influence how meetings occur between investors and public companies.

Did you know? Two thirds of investor meetings in 2018 happened outside of sell side conferences, according to Nasdaq’s analysis of 400,000 investor meetings.

In this best practice guide we will explore:

  • How Mifid II is changing corporate access
  • How investors are building out their own corporate access teams and what IR professionals need to know about the role these teams play
  • When issuers should work with the sell side on marketing and when they should consider direct engagement with investors
  • Trends in the sell side’s conference and non-deal roadshow participation
  • The usefulness and adoption rate of new technology tools to assist with corporate access.


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