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Virtual annual meeting product information

Please follow these links to view and download an overview and a more complete guide to the EQ Virtual Annual Meeting Services.


EQ Virtual Annual Meeting Services   



EQ Virtual Annual Meeting product detail


Covid-19 Information

US Briefings

April 14, 2020: https://equiniti.com/us/news-and-views/eq-views/2020-proxy-season-virtual-meetings-update/

March 24, 2020: https://equiniti.com/us/news-and-views/eq-views/annual-meetings-and-the-coronavirus/

UK briefing

16 March 2020: https://equiniti.com/uk/news-and-views/eq-views/steering-your-agm-through-the-coronavirus-crisis/


Annual meeting information

Global 2020 AGM season forecast available for download: https://equiniti.com/uk/news-and-views/eq-views/2020-agm-season-forecast/

Preparing for your 2020 AGM: https://equiniti.com/uk/services/eq-boardroom/preparing-for-your-agm/


EQ's monthly bulletin of what’s happening within the regulatory environment that impacts the share registration and employee share plans space.

The latest bulletin: https://equiniti.com/uk/news-and-views/eq-views/eq-boardroom-bulletin-april-2020/

With the world rapidly adjusting to the reality of COVID-19, where the country is in lockdown, we are in a period of uncertainty as the nation changes its way of life. We will protect the delivery of our services to all our clients and we are now issuing a new weekly newsletter in order that we can share timely information with you about the actions and plans we are taking.

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