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Best Practice Report: Taking a strategic approach to investor targeting

Sponsored by Irwin


Companies need shareholders that support the corporate strategy – not just now, but also as the business grows and evolves. By taking a long-term and thoughtful approach to targeting, IR teams can help curate a shareholder base that will be supportive of the business through market turmoil and for years to come.

For this best practice report, IR Magazine has spoken with leading investor relations professionals and communications consultants about how they set long-term targeting goals, plan outreach with prospective investors and measure the success of targeting programs.

Read this report to:

  1. Understand the value of strategic investor targeting today
  2. Consider ways to re-evaluate your existing shareholder base
  3. Devise the company-specific criteria by which you set your new goals
  4. Action your plan at the right times of the year
  5. Benchmark your success against quantitative and qualitative factors


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