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30 years of IR Magazine


 Exploring past editions

In the build up to the 30th anniversary edition of IR Magazine, we're looking back at past editions each week and exploring their feature stories:

Summer 1990: Japanese IR

October 1997: IR goes global

February 1998: Changing Colors

March 1998: Shattered – What future for IR in Asia?

August 2001: Showdown with lawyers over Reg FD

March 2002: Arguments about short-termism

March 2003: The changing emphasis on environmental reports

September 2003: Cracks in the ceiling

November 2006: Capital destination

April 2011: The C-suite life

July 2013: Sell side analysts - The many and the few

May 2014: Investors turn the heat up on climate change

Magazine cover designs from the past 30 years

We're celebrating our 30th anniversary this year, and since the first edition of IR Magazine back in 1988 we've published more than 275 issues! Our magazine has seen many fantastic designs over the years, and you can find some of our favourites below.


Want to help us celebrate our anniversary?

Find out what we're doing to celebrate our 30th anniversary, and how you can get involved here.

IR Magazine cover February 1996
March 2012 - Light at the end of the rabbit hole November 2006 - Light at the end of the rabbit hole
IR Magazine Magazine Cover, November 2001
Magazine Cover - November 2000. Small fish in a big pond IR Magazine cover, January 2004, Masks Off