The top 10 most-read articles of 2017

Dec 28, 2017
Mifid II pieces dominate list

Reviewing the most-read articles on the IR Magazine website in 2017, it is hardly surprising, given its importance, that pieces on Mifid II dominate the list, with seven of the top 10 focused on the soon-to-be-introduced European regulation.  

Indeed, topping the list is a piece offering advice to IROs ahead of the January 3 implementation date.

In second and third place though, Mifid II is given a miss. The second most-read article was IR Magazine’s Global Top 50 ranking – which lists the best performing companies globally in the field of IR.

In third, the focus is on Sherwin-Williams and Jack in the Box winning big at the IR Magazine Awards in the US in March 2017.

Fourth and fifth place see a return to regulation, with the fourth place spot going to a piece clearing up some questions on Mifid II.

Fifth is a piece assessing the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority’s mission policy statement on Mifid II.

Breaking away from Mifid II in the sixth most-read piece is top tips for targeting investors.

Seventh, we are back to Mifid II, here explaining why the recent SEC ruling on the regulation means business as usual.

Eighth, a slightly different Mifid II slant explains why IROs outside of Europe need to be aware of the regulation.

Ninth is the Mifid II news story related to the seventh most-read article, revealing that the SEC was granting US brokers a Mifid II compliance extension.

Rounding out the year’s most popular online articles is another non-Mifd II piece: this time five questions with IR Magazine Awards judge Catherine James

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