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Jun 26, 2023

Magda Palczynska of UniCredit on how IR should respond to macroeconomic challenges

‘Try with your disclosures to address as many concerns as you can publicly’

Companies need to keep their disclosures under review and stay close to stakeholders amid a volatile macroeconomic backdrop, said Magda Palczynska, head of IR at UniCredit.

Speaking on the red carpet at the IR Magazine Awards – Europe 2023, Palczynska said: ‘The last year has been extremely challenging for the industry with all the macro changes, [such as] the outbreak of the conflict [in Ukraine]. [There are] a lot of concerns about the financial sector as well.

‘So it’s been about making sure disclosure is staying relevant and fresh, very topical, and we’re speaking with investors very frequently, including with our management team.

‘Basically we’re there to answer any questions and concerns and to demonstrate – because we have had a new CEO for the last few years – that our new strategy is delivering for investors.’

Asked what advice she would offer to fellow IROs in Europe, Palczynska said: ‘I think just stay close to your stakeholders, whether equity, ESG [or] fixed income. Try with your disclosures to address as many concerns as you can publicly. And keep repeating the same story to drive consistency.’

Later at the event, Palczynska picked up the award for best IR officer (large cap). UniCredit was also nominated in two other categories: best overall investor relations (large cap) and best annual report (large cap).

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