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Apr 03, 2024

JPMorgan's Aaron Bertinetti on crisis management and AI implementation at the IR Magazine Awards – US 2024

At the IR Magazine Awards – US 2024, JPMorgan Chase & Co received five nominations: best in sector for financials, best crisis management, best ESG reporting (large cap), best IR during a corporate transaction and best use of technology including AI.

At the ceremony, the firm picked up two prizes for handling the US banking crisis in 2023 and for best IR in the financials sector.

In this video interview, Aaron Bertinetti, who leads JPMorgan Chase's ESG efforts and investor relations, talks about the company's preparedness for crises, attributing its success to leadership, quality relationships and thorough risk management.

He also touches on how JPMorgan has been using technology, particularly AI, to streamline tasks in investor relations.

‘I do think one of the most exciting or interesting applications of AI is how it deals with non-financial information,’ Bertinetti says. ‘It's able to actually prove how all this work we do in ESG is connected to driving long-term value for our shareholders.’

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