Jack in the Box: Running an award-winning one-person IR team

Apr 03, 2018
Jack in the Box was nominated in four categories at the IR Magazine Awards – US 2018 and took home the prize for best IR by a senior management team (small and mid-cap)

When running an IR team with limited resources, you have to be more selective about the marketing and messaging that you do, notes Carol DiRaimo, chief investor relations and corporate communications officer at Jack in the Box.

DiRaimo, who is the only IR person at her firm, was nominated for the best investor relations officer (small and mid-cap) award this year, a prize she shared last year with Julie Tracy from Wright Medical Group. She sits in on all of her company’s board meetings and was described at least year’s awards as ‘as good as a CFO.’

As a one-person IR team, she says that she has to be extra focused on what her goals are and how to achieve them.

‘You have to think about what the key messages are that you’re trying to communicate in a year and what the most effective way of doing that is,’ DiRaimo says, speaking to IR Magazine on the red carpet at the awards. ‘I know a lot of companies do an analyst day every year, no matter what, but that’s not our style. It’s a lot of energy to do those…I think more consistent communication can sometimes be more helpful.’

Her latest objective is to onboard Jack in the Box’s new CFO, Lance Tucker, who joined the company last week. She says new management joining the company also provides an opportunity to go out to the Street with new messaging.

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