Dynamic IR in the financials sector

Oct 28, 2015
<p>New webinar and report on financials sector IR</p>

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What’s it like to do IR in the financials sector? ‘Challenging’ is a fitting word, given the complexity of the companies involved, plus the need to keep a handle on the volatile macro-environment and ever-changing demands of regulators and politicians.

These challenges came under the spotlight in a recent webinar, hosted by IR Magazine in partnership with Bloomberg and were based on the findings from our new Financial Sector report. For more information on the Financial Sector report or any of the research reports published by IR Magazine, please email us.

The webinar was moderated by IR Magazine’s editorial director, Neil Stewart, and featured Alison Williams, a senior analyst for financials at Bloomberg Intelligence. The discussion highlighted how IR departments at financial firms must be dynamic because the fast-changing environment requires companies to adjust their disclosure on a regular basis.

This could be to address new risks: financial firms have been quick to include new slides in their presentations, for example, on the European sovereign debt crisis or, more recently, on foreign exchange, and then drop them as investor attention shifts to other areas.

The webinar also heard how individual companies have responded to specific challenges. For example, JPMorgan doubled the length of its conference calls while it was dealing with the ‘London whale’ trading loss – a move that was well received by the investment community.

There are plenty more examples to hear on the webinar, which may prove useful regardless of what sector you work in. Click here to listen to the full recording.

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