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Jul 27, 2022

Covid-19 Update 2022 report now available

IR Magazine has released its third report into how Covid-19 has affected investor relations. It revisits the subject two years on from the Covid-19 and IR report, which looked at the early stages of the pandemic and one year on from the Covid-19 Update 2021, which looked at IR during the pandemic’s height.


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The report examines how IR has adapted to changes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as company and wider economic performance during this time. It also looks forward to IR’s post-pandemic future and what IROs and investors think the lasting effects of the pandemic will be.


Key findings

  • More than half of respondents give a high positive rating of 8+/10 to how they value working from home/remote working, while just under half give a similar rating to increased virtual meetings/events.
  • More North American respondents give high positive ratings to changes in working practices than do respondents in Europe or Asia.
  • More respondents think virtual meetings/events and less travel will continue to have a large impact on their post-pandemic work than think these practices will have little to no impact.
  • More than a third of North American respondents think remote working will have a large impact in the future, compared with just under a fifth of Asian IROs and investors.
  • As of May 2022, just under four in 10 IROs had resumed international travel with the gradual lifting of pandemic restrictions.
  • Nearly half of Asian investors now think management attendance at investor meetings is more important than they thought pre-pandemic.
  • The majority of investors are actively concerned that a move back to in-person meetings will give them less opportunity to engage with senior management.
  • Just under seven in 10 IROs agree that the ability of senior management to attend meetings will have a large influence on their choice between virtual and in-person formats.
  • A majority of respondents believe Covid-19 has increased the importance of ESG.
  • An overwhelming 84 percent of respondents believe the economic measures taken to combat Covid-19 will have a lasting macroeconomic effect.
  • Just over six in 10 respondents believe the economy has performed better than they anticipated at the beginning of the pandemic.



Click here to download the report >>


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