High-tech meltdown

How the US blowout has affected Israeli companies

In the bible Israel is referred to as the land of milk and honey. Over the past decade, however, the country has experienced an industrial transformation and is today a significant participant in the global high-tech industry. Israel excels in areas such as communications (including the internet), software and electronics ...

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The value of retail investors in today’s volatile market

Retail shareholders continue to be an important, untapped segment in investor relations programs. As Federal Reserve data shows, US individual investors in total have discretion over the single largest pool of equity capital in the US. Yet for IROs, attracting retail investors may not come naturally, as they can be difficult to reach and require a concerted effort.

Inside this white paper:

  • Why pursue retail investors?
  • Get to know the retail market
  • Learn targeting strategies
  • Tips for presenting at conferences
  • Read best practice case studies from IR executives
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