Video changes everything: Ticker 126

Jul 26, 2021
‘Earnings are going to move to video. There’s just no turning back’

Jeff Cossette chats with Ben Chodor, president of Intrado Digital Media, on the post-Covid-19 revolution in investor communications and the tools IROs need to attract, captivate and delight a virtual audience. 

The IR profession was one that really had an approach of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ says Chodor of the attitude toward virtual pre-pandemic. Of course, Covid-19 changed everything.

Going into the next phase, Chodor says the most exciting thing is the move to a hybrid approach.

This episode of The Ticker is sponsored by Intrado Digital Media.

Listen to the podcast recording below >


In this podcast you’ll hear:

– How the shift to hybrid meetings is working in practice

– Why we’ll also soon see a move to video for earnings calls

– How the shift to virtual has pushed companies to make more engaging content

– How future meetings will all comprise both virtual and in-person elements: ‘We’re calling them hybrid right now but in the future a meeting will be a meeting,’ says Chodor.

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