Q4 launches new AI engine designed to improve IR services space

Jan 19, 2018
Iris aims to achieve 80+ percent accuracy in real-time ownership predictions

Q4, a leader in cloud-based investor relations, has announced the release of iris™, a new AI engine designed to improve the IR services space.

By integrating machine learning and big data analytics to analyze and process high volumes of fragmented market data, iris aims to empower public companies across the US to drive improved investor engagement and shareholder quality, leading to lower volatility and higher multiples.

Phase one of this technology is being applied to Q4’s stock surveillance business, where iris has been achieving impressive accuracy levels of real-time ownership.

‘The introduction of iris into the market signifies a huge milestone for Q4 and our stock surveillance program,’ says Adam Frederick, senior vice president of intelligence at Q4, in a statement. ‘In the past, traditional surveillance firms have been unable to achieve high levels of accuracy in providing real-time shareholder analytics due to the depth and breadth of analysis required. Iris is capable of analyzing vast amounts of data at a level impossible for any human to achieve.

‘Backed by this powerful AI engine, Q4 is consistently able to achieve 80+ percent accuracy in real-time ownership predictions – a true breakthrough for the industry.’

Q4 also announced a commitment to proactively report accuracy results to its clients, along with a money-back guarantee: a service-level agreement on accuracy provides a structure for quarterly reporting and rebates on fees paid should accuracy levels drop below 80 percent.

Q4 plans to release a number of new iris analytics and workflow products over the course of 2018, each with a core purpose of assisting IR teams through actionable analytics and improved efficiency.


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