Loyal3 pitches 3-click investing for customers

Jul 27, 2011
<p>Loyal3 CEO&nbsp;Barry Schneider explains CSOPs</p>

In an interview at NIRI's 2011 annual conference in Orlando, Barry Schneider, CEO of San Francisco startup Loyal3, describes his vision for customer stock ownership plans (CSOPs). The idea is for companies to be able to offer customers a cheap and easy way to start investing over the web or with a Facebook app, putting in as little as $10 a month and with the issuer paying all the transaction costs. 

The video includes a click-through demo of a CSOP for NASDAQ, which this summer is meant to be the first company to launch one.

IR magazine also talked to Don De Laria, a NIRI board member and former head of IR at Regal Entertainment, when he joined Loyal3 this spring, and we contributed an article about customer stock ownership to The Atlantic: 'Fueling a stock bubble with Facebook fans'.

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