IR Magazine Think Tank in London highlights how to exploit social media

Dec 29, 2017
Social media listening and analysis are vital

The IR Magazine Think Thank – UK & Ireland 2017 held in London in November heard from many experts who highlighted a list of interesting ways for companies and IROs to exploit social media to the full.

The first point was for organizations to invest in social media listening – that is searching the web and the social media space to see what is being said about your company, your competitors and other topics of interest.

Following on from this is the importance of analyzing those key topics in more detail to spot trends as they happen, while putting structures in place to ensure issues and any type of errors are identified in real time and dealt with.

Furthermore, instigate an audit of existing marketing activities so see how productive they are – and where these can be improved.

In terms of engagement, organizations, as a starting point, need their social media team equipped with all the agreed legal lines and limits.

Then there should be a point of focus on content generation, for example a regular CEO video and infographics: as these can generate real social media interest. 

Vitally for IROs, there should be one platform as the go-to place for investors and they should also ensure that social media is used to drive investors to new content.

Therefore the conclusion was that companies should invest in paid search facilities and the aforementioned ways to promote and exploit social media. 

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