The top five most-read small cap articles of 2017

Dec 29, 2017
Darwinism, research, small-cap awards and targeting investors top list

The top five small-cap focused articles saw a range of pieces on how small caps can, and should, survive and thrive in an ever increasingly challenging market.

Top of the list was the interestingly titled ‘Darwinism and the evolution of IR: Evolve or perish,’ which as the headline suggests – small caps must evolve to survive and grow. 

Second came an informative article on why pay-to-play research and marketing makes sense for ‘smicrocaps’ to stand out.

Third came the coverage of the IR Magazine Awards & Conference Small Cap in New York in September. 

Fourth came a revealing focus on small caps failing to target small institutional and retail investors, according to an OTC survey. The top focus for small caps, the survey reveals, is liquidity.  

In fifth place came a career-based piece on ‘wearing two hats: small-caps and balancing IR with another role’ – exploring the challenge small-cap IROs face when holding more than one position within the company. 


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