A look at executive commitment to investor relations

Oct 17, 2017
IR Magazine Awards – Small Cap winner Altus Group on what makes for good IR from senior management

At the IR Magazine Awards – Small Cap, which took place last month in New York, commercial property consultancy and advisory firm Altus Group won the award for best IR by a senior management team.

The award was given in recognition of how the group took on a key challenge over the past three years of simplifying the complexity of its business model, overcoming legacy misperceptions, and refocusing the Street to value the stock appropriately.

Evolving to address the changing commercial real estate (CRE) market landscape and driven by its focus on technology and growth from its data and software assets, Altus Group underwent a transition from its legacy CRE consultancy orientation to being recognized as a technology and advisory services provider.

The strategy was multi-faceted, but specifically focused on two core areas: revamping its public disclosure to increase transparency into key operating metrics of the company’s technology assets, and enhancing its Street engagement. The firm’s strategic IR efforts yielded successful results and met its objective of achieving a rerating of the stock to better reflect the organization’s strategy and evolution into the technology sector.

On winning the award, Camilla Bartosiewicz, vice president of investor relations at Altus Group, said: ‘We’re honored to have won this award in particular, which truly demonstrates that a successful IR program is dependent on C-suite involvement. I’m privileged to work with a management team that recognizes the strategic importance of IR and the correlation it has with shareholder value creation. 

‘From giving IR a seat at the table to dedicating the time and always taking investor views into consideration, our CEO and CFO have both been influential in Altus Group’s enhanced profile in the capital markets. While I firmly believe the market will always reward well-managed companies, the commitment of our CEO and CFO to IR has undoubtedly contributed to Altus Group’s enhanced profile in the capital markets. 

‘Not only have they given me a good story to tell by driving strong operational and financial results, but they have also built strong relationships with the investment community based on transparency, track record and an overall strong commitment to IR.’  


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