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Jul 10, 2019

Aegon talks targeting at the IR Magazine Awards – Europe 2019

IR Magazine caught up with Jan Willem Weidema, head of IR at Aegon, before the IR Magazine Awards – Europe 2019

Each year the IR Magazine Think Tank – Europe is held during the day, before the cream of the European IR community gathers for the IR Magazine Awards in the evening. On the agenda this year was a snapshot of the macro and financial trends impacting European public companies, a panel on boosting coverage and a Q&A with the buy side.

One session of the day also saw heads of IR from across the continent split into groups to discuss various topics in a roundtable format: leading the roundtable on shareholder targeting was Jan Willem Weidema, head of IR at Aegon, which was short-listed for the best investor event (large cap) gong at the awards. Here he shares some of the key takeaways from that session and talks about how Mifid II and technology is impacting the targeting landscape.



Garnet Roach

Garnet Roach joined IR Magazine in October 2012, working on both the editorial and research sides of the publication. Prior to entering the world of investor relations, her freelance career covered a broad range of subjects, from technology to...

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