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Small-cap governance standards
Often associated with larger firms, corporate governance is just as important for small and micro-cap companies. By adhering to high governance standards, small-caps are better placed to achieve their goals and attract new investment. The appropriate internal controls of a small-cap will look different from those of a large-cap. The latest white paper, prepared by OTC Markets, examines the basic governance standards...Read more
Measuring IR Success
When evaluating the success of an investor relations strategy it is important for smaller companies to look beyond institutional investment and trading volumes. According to this report, issuers with a market capitalization under $1 bn normally do not have the liquidity, volume or capital structure to attract big institutional names. Small-cap companies should not feel disheartened. In the early years of public...Read more
Small-cap company guide - Navigating mergers & acquisitions
As a small-cap company with limited resources, it can be difficult to effectively manage and execute the critical components that surround M&A. This report looks at M&A for small caps, including six reasons why a merger may be appealing for small cap companies, from driving faster growth, to exploring new avenues to increase shareholder value and returns, and more. It also examines strategies to ensure a...Read more
Small-cap company guide - Best practices for being public and raising capital
This straightforward guide from OTC Markets provides a variety of useful, immediately applicable tips and checklists for small-cap companies seeking to raise capital and grow their businesses, including: IPO Alternatives Capital Raising Guide - 5 key considerations for this crucial issue Creating a Successful Small-Cap IR Program: how to choose the right management team the importance of providing good & timely...Read more
OTC Markets 2018 Annual Market Review
OTC Markets Annual Market Review Booklet highlights the milestones and events from the past year as the company continues to champion access to efficient public trading markets for innovative and entrepreneurial companies. Download now to review the key developments on the OTCQX Best Market and the OTCQB Venture Market. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form,...Read more
Small-cap investor relations: Best practice for making the most of IR
This eBook from IR Magazine and sponsored by OTC Markets provides a thorough overview of IR for small-cap companies. Much of making small-cap investor relations a success is down to planning and organization, as well as putting to work the little tips and tricks that can help you make more out of a tight budget or a small head count. Download this eBook today to read the following contents: ​ What...Read more
Attracting Investors
According to OTC Markets’ inaugural Small-Cap Survey (June 2017), 70% of small-cap CEOs/CFOs manage their IR internally, but spend only 11% of their time on investor outreach. Given today’s competitive financial markets, the ability for small and micro-cap companies to gain exposure and attract a targeted investor base is even more critical. For useful, straightforward tips and IR best practices tailored to small-...Read more
The pros and cons of four financing options
Capital is the lifeblood of every business. Without it, companies don’t have the money they need to hire new employees, purchase equipment, develop new products and services and expand their operations. In this report, OTC Markets examines the pros and cons of common debt and equity financing methods used by smaller companies: Regulation D Offering Follow-On Offering Convertible Note Offering Regulation A+ Offering...Read more
3 IPO alternatives for small-cap companies
The public markets offer tremendous benefits for small-cap companies seeking to raise capital and grow their businesses. Unfortunately, smaller issuers have been shut out of the IPO market due to rising costs and a lack of institutional support. We provide three alternative IPO methods that offer a faster, less expensive and less regulatorily burdensome path to a public listing: Reverse merger Slow PO Regulation A+...Read more
Laying the foundation of a small-cap IR program
Small-cap companies face significant challenges in navigating the public markets, including high fees and changing market structure. To addresses these dynamics, we outline three best practice tips small-cap companies need to create a solid foundation for their IR activities, including: Selecting the right management team Disclosure essentials Establishing IR goals and objectives. This paper is the first in a series...Read more
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