Reporting and earnings calls

Jul 21, 2022
Best Practice Report – How to add ESG talking points to your earnings calls
Sponsored by Notified This new best practice report by IR Magazine, in partnership with Notified, examines the evolving practice of including ESG talking points on your earnings call, including tips for companies at any stage of developing their ESG practice and an exploration of tying these processes into their wider annual IR program. The report includes first-hand IR advice in a case...Read more
Jul 01, 2019
Reporting and disclosure report
Based on responses from 742 IR professionals and more than 200 members of the investment community, Reporting & Disclosure looks at the nature of corporate reporting to the investment community and what investors and analysts would like to see in this reporting. Data in the report is broken down by region, company market cap size and investment community job title. The report looks in detail at the...Read more
Four things you need to be prepared for on your earnings calls
IROs need to prepare their executives for their earnings and investor meetings. But what are the hot topics you need to be SURE you prepare for this year? Intelligize identifies the four things IROs need to be prepared for on earnings calls and how to ensure you have all the information you need to prepare your executives for earnings calls. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you...Read more
Nov 08, 2017
Presenting value beyond financial returns: Communicating purpose
As consumers seek authenticity from the brands they patronize, investors also want to understand and evaluate the sustainability of the business model. Accordingly, we are seeing a growing number of reporters incorporate purpose and values into the heart of their corporate communications. At Argyle, we are excited by this evolution in the reporting landscape and believe that presenting what the company does well,...Read more
The earnings call: When investor relations officers prove their worth
The earnings call is arguably the single most important point of contact between a public company and the market. A wrong word, phrase or poor explanation could cause your stock price to tumble. Enter the investor relations officer, the unsung hero of earnings calls. Intelligize chief strategy officer, Phil Brown, explores the modern earnings call, identifies the sheer volume of information IROs must consider when...Read more
The UK’s first electronic ASM: How Jimmy Choo broke the mold in 2016
​ Electronic shareholder meetings are gaining traction in the IR community, boasting the ability to reach more global shareholders in a dynamic, secure, and engaging way. As a testament to growing legitimacy, in January of 2017, the SEC formally backed the use of electronic-only shareholder meetings. Luxury retailer Jimmy Choo partnered with EQS Group and others to host the UK’s first-ever electronic annual...Read more
Best practices for enhancing earnings releases
In today’s rapidly changing communications environment, investor relations professionals face a wide range of issues to consider in providing maximum transparency and outreach with their company news and ‒ specifically ‒ the critically important earnings news release. In this Business Wire white paper, global disclosure services supervisor Matt Van Tassel reviews current best practices for enhancing earnings...Read more
Jun 02, 2016
Why more companies today create IR documents in-house
The creation of in-house corporate reports has long been limited to regulatory documents such as the 10K form in the US. A new generation of cloud-based tools has emerged, allowing companies to create a colorful range of stylized reports, online annual reports and interactive proxy statements, all from a single source on one united platform. The following paper will review how this new technology has evolved and...Read more
Be of value by adding value
Are you getting maximum value from your annual report? You’ve just delivered it and you’re thinking it has finally been put to bed for the next six months. Why not reuse, recycle and repurpose the annual report’s design, theme and language? The following paper explores the many ways to contribute to the company’s bottom line by using the report to create brand awareness, build credibility, drive sales and maintain a...Read more
Jul 07, 2015
Earnings calls as a competitive tool
Corbin Perception's latest research report covers all aspects of the earnings process – from preparation to execution and follow-through, and include both best and worst practices based on investor and IRO experiential perspectives. Their research identifies several opportunities for companies to refine and improve the way they conduct their earnings calls, serving to differentiate the IR program and further capture...Read more
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