Proxy voting/AGMs

Looking Back, and Planning Ahead: Insights for the 2018 Proxy Season
As we move forward in 2018, it is important to reflect on the significant trends that defined the 2017 proxy season and draw lessons from the data and our collective experience. This report from MacKenzie Partners is intended to serve not only as a stand-alone educational tool, but the continuation of a conversation between boards and their respective advisors as they prepare for the 2018 season. Please complete the...Read more
D.F King’s General Meeting Season Review
In the run up to 2018, D.F. King’s General Meeting Season Review provides an in depth analysis of the voting trends in the UK and Europe and outlines investor expectations for the coming year; direct quotes from investors will give issuers insight for more effective shareholder dialogue. Their review examines the evolution of corporate governance regimes and holistic IR and identifies the hot topics for investors...Read more
Mar 01, 2016
2016 proxy season: What you should know as you draft your proxy statement and prepare for your annual meeting
Georgeson and Latham & Watkins join together to discuss what public companies and their advisers should know and be doing now as we enter the 2016 proxy season, including: Executive compensation developments Latest proxy advisory firm policy Negotiating shareholder proposals Proxy disclosure issues and drafting tips Shareholder communications during proxy season Predictions for the upcoming season Please...Read more
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