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Dec 03, 2018
Global Roadshow Report 2018
The IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2018 is our ninth annual research report into the who, where, how and why of corporate roadshow activity. Findings are based on a survey of more than 600 IR professionals worldwide. 5 key benefits of this report: Compare your roadshow activity with your regional, market cap and sector peers Who goes on the road? Find out what percentage of roadshows...Read more
May 15, 2018
Investor engagement report
Based on surveys of 1250+ investors, analysts, IROs and senior management, the Investor Engagement report looks at what the investment community wants and expects from their meetings with companies, and finds out how those preferences and expectations match up with the efforts of IROs and senior management. By downloading this report, you will learn: What type of meetings are preferred by the...Read more
Dec 20, 2017
Global Roadshow Report 2017
The IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2017 is our eighth annual research report into the who, where, how and why of corporate roadshow activity. Findings are based on the latest round of the IR Magazine Global IR Survey, carried out in Q2 and Q3 2017, with responses from 750 IR practitioners. According to our study, 91 percent of companies went on a roadshow last year – up 1 percentage point from 2016 –...Read more
Feb 24, 2017
IR Magazine Global Salary Report 2016
This research report from IR Magazine and sponsored by Bloomberg looks at the current level of salaries and bonuses paid to IR practitioners, both IR heads and IROs. It examines the following questions: What do IROs earn on a global and regional basis? How are salaries affected by company size? What are the latest trends in bonus payments? How does pay differ between men and women in IR? Please complete...Read more
Berenberg’s 11 Rules of Roadshowing
A helpful guide for IR teams looking to improve their roadshows. The Berenberg Corporate Access team share their knowledge and top tips accumulated from organizing hundreds of successful roadshows a year in multiple regions – simple do’s and don’ts which can make a huge difference. If they joined an investor relations team tomorrow these are the guidelines they would introduce. The contents include: Sweat your...Read more
Dec 01, 2016
IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2016
The IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2016 is our seventh annual research report on the roadshow activity of companies. Findings are taken from the latest round of IR Magazine ’s Global IR Survey carried out in Q2 and Q3 of 2016. More than 700 respondents tell IR Magazine about their roadshow experiences: How often and for how long do companies go on the road? Who do they go on the road...Read more
Ipreo’s Corporate Access Survey 2016
The report below presents the results from Ipreo's 2016 Corporate Access Survey, which included close to 350 respondents from 31 countries, spanning all market caps and sectors. This marks the 6th year that they have conducted the survey, which monitors: corporate issuers’ activity levels and management participation, sell-side sponsor strengths and weaknesses, and overall satisfaction with the corporate access...Read more
As hedge funds evolve, what should IROs know?
IROs have recently begun re-evaluating how they view hedge funds, generally moving from wariness to a more welcoming stance, according to Liz Everett, head of global corporate access at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. This shift, she says, is a positive one, given that ‘there have been some truly great partnerships over time between IR professionals and hedge funds.’ Find out more in this article. To gain access to...Read more
Jan 12, 2016
Legal risks posed by corporate access events
Corporate access events, when properly executed, provide opportunities for issuer, broker and money manager. Proper execution requires an understanding of the legal issues that may arise during a corporate access event. This report focuses on those legal issues, including: the risk of violating Regulation FD; the risk of violating Rule 10b-5 (i.e., engaging in insider trading); the legal requirement that companies...Read more
Nov 27, 2015
IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2015
The IR Magazine Global Roadshow Report 2015 , sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML), is the definitive guide to roadshow practices around the world. The report's findings are based on the responses of 918 investor relations professionals to a survey carried out in the third quarter of 2015, where they were asked about their experiences, practices and preferences when it comes to roadshows. The...Read more
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