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Small-cap investor relations: Best practice for making the most of IR

Oct 31, 2017


This eBook from IR Magazine and sponsored by OTC Markets provides a thorough overview of IR for small-cap companies. 

Much of making small-cap investor relations a success is down to planning and organization, as well as putting to work the little tips and tricks that can help you make more out of a tight budget or a small head count.

Download this eBook today to read the following contents:

  • What you’re working with
    • ​What the average small-cap IR department looks like
    • How it compares with the average large-cap team
    • Top challenges for a small-cap IR team
  • Small-cap IR 101
    • Starting with management: Small-cap IR by the C-suite
    • Hiring your first IRO
    • Balancing IR with another role
    • Making the most of your budget
    • Raising capital
    • Kick-starting your investor targeting program
  • The question of coverage
    • What the analyst universe looks like for a small-cap company
    • Considering company-sponsored research
    • Other ways to attract those first few analysts
    • Boosting your analyst numbers further
  • Getting your name out there
    • Making press releases work for you
    • Leveraging social media
    • Other ways to get your name known
  • Outsourcing
    • What does small-cap spending on outsourcing look like?
    • Where a consultant can offer the biggest benefits
    • The pros and cons of a retainer
    • Choosing the right IR partner
  • Measuring & reporting your success
    • Are your IR efforts working?
    • How other teams measure their IR achievements
    • Reporting your successes to senior management


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