A Review of Website Best Practices from S-1 to Post-IPO In the US

To help companies preparing to go public in the United States make the most of their digital channels Investis has published a US special report on IPO digital readiness, which benchmarks 10 recently listed US companies using our IQ ranking methodology.  It highlights the areas of the corporate websites where most do well, and most don’t.

The new report: ‘US IPO Digital Presence Ranking’ shows that many newly listed US companies are currently failing to use their digital communication channels as effectively as they could. Our analysis revealed that for some the basics, such as a clearly defined strategy and key financial data were missing.  

The survey includes:

  • An assessment of 10 IPO websites, which started trading in 2014.
  • A comparison to S&P100 websites.
  • Recommendations for content (regulatory & best practice) and site structure.

Our findings show that the average overall score for US IPOs in 2014 is 28%. At present only eight US companies of the 235 US corporates scored lower than 28%, demonstrating that, while on the right path, there is plenty of room for newly listed companies to improve their digital presence. 

To learn more about IPO Digital Readiness in the United States, download our Special Report below.

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