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Research section: Rising to the IR challenge

Investigating the greatest issues faced by IR practitioners in 2013.

The latest round of our ongoing global survey of IROs is complete and we are currently analyzing the results. The survey was conducted during December 2013 and early January 2014, and more than 900 IROs took part. The survey covers topics as diverse as IR responsibility, resources for outsourcing and opinions on services provided, IR education & training, regional investment targeting and approaches to reporting.

The findings from this research will appear here, online and in wider reports over the coming months. One question we asked in the survey was: what have been your greatest IR challenges in 2013? The same question was asked in our previous year’s research and was reported on in IR Magazine’s inaugural research section. On that occasion, 622 IR practitioners responded.

As in the previous year, the question was open-ended, allowing respondents to answer in whatever way they saw fit. These responses are categorized according to the potential challenges an IR professional may face and from there analysis is conducted into where the focus of IR challenge has been over the previous year. The results from all of this can be found on the following pages.

We would like to thank all our readers who took part in the latest round of the global IRO survey: your participation is crucial to the work we are doing here. Our next round of surveying is in May and we encourage everybody to take part, so we can produce for you the best results and analysis possible.

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