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ESG and the earnings call: Closing the short-term/long-term gap
ESG, or Environmental, Social and Governance matters, are likely to play an increasing role in quarterly earnings calls. To do so effectively, senior leaders and IR teams must learn to balance the disclosure requirements of short-term quarterly reporting with longer-term strategies for ESG disclosure. By following six simple guidelines and observing the Dos and Don’ts of quarterly ESG disclosures, companies can make...Read more
Telling your ESG story: Making a winning case to investors in your ESG reporting
Now more than ever, investors and other key stakeholders are demanding businesses follow a robust environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda and report on their impact. That's why 90% of S&P 500 companies disclosed their ESG performance as recently as 2019. Produced as a comprehensive guide for investor relations officers and sustainability professionals alike, 3BL Media’s latest e-book offers tips for...Read more
ESG Communications best practices
Investors want companies to connect the dots between their financial and non-financial matters. In this white paper from Notified, it’ll outline Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) communications best practices and provide real-world examples of companies who excel at combining ESG, stakeholder comms and investor relations. You'll learn: Why your IR website is the...Read more
Maturing your governance framework in a digital age
How can technology help your governance role? Computershare has developed this whitepaper to help corporate secretaries and governance professionals harness and optimize the use of technology for the benefit of their business. It covers four themes: Operating a ‘single version of the truth’ Save time by managing workflows more efficiently Navigating changing governance and compliance requirements Using data...Read more
A global overview of the 2020 AGM season
Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, the 2020 AGM season was unlike any we have seen before. COVID-19 has forced governance professionals around the globe to relook at their AGM, and how they engage with shareholders, and it is increasingly clear that there is no going back to the physical-only AGM format. The Lumi Global AGM 2020 report takes a look at how markets around the globe responded to the impact of...Read more
Old is new again: Repurposing the institutional equity sales model for investor relations
The days when investment banks worked on behalf of firms to raise investor awareness are long gone. The sell side has undergone a structural shift and priorities have changed. This new report from Rose & Company looks at: how these changes have affected investor marketing how this has affected the majority companies some thoughts on how to address the challenges these changes have presented for IROs. ...Read more
Acceleration of ESG through a crisis
Why the capital markets will drive the recovery — the cross sectoral evidence Our in-depth IHS Markit research argues that any sustainable, "green recovery" can only happen with an acceleration of ESG in which the capital markets and society will be the driving force. Our experts examine ESG impacts pre-crisis and post-crisis across IHS Markit businesses: Economics & Country Risk; Maritime and...Read more
Maintaining confidence of investors/stockholders with an investor relations toolkit
How can you prepare an efficient investor relations toolkit that will resonate well with investors and shareholders? Investor relations professionals play a crucial role in providing insightful and up-to-date information to investors and shareholders to help them make informed, data-driven decisions. Create awareness among the community of investors by bridging the communication gap through...Read more
Georgeson’s 2020 Annual Corporate Governance Review
The world has changed a lot recently, yet one thing has become clear – as companies adapt and become more resilient, the role of corporate governance and understanding your investors has never been more critical. To stay ahead of rapid change, you need a keen awareness of your top institutional investors’ priorities and the most important trending topics that emerge during the proxy season. Georgeson’s 2020 Annual...Read more
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