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Pioneering cannabis communications
KCSA’s initial foray into the cannabis industry began in 2015, when they were tasked with supporting the communications efforts of a group applying for one of the original medical cannabis licenses in New York. As these were literally green fields in terms of public and investor relations, with no concrete examples to help guide them, KCSA forged a new path, writing the initial chapters of what would...Read more
Investor relations key in budding cannabis sector
Investor relations key in budding cannabis sector When US-based medical cannabis provider Columbia Care went public in April 2019, listing on Canada’s NEO Exchange, it did so in a unique fashion. Rather than use a reverse takeover or an IPO, Columbia Care merged with a special-purpose acquisition corporation (Spac) set up by its investment bank Canaccord Genuity to facilitate a go-public...Read more
Helping cannabis investors see the light
In 2018 Canada became one of the first countries in the world to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. In late 2019 the country’s Parliament enacted additional legislation – known as Cannabis 2.0 – allowing for the sale of cannabis-infused beverages and edibles. As a result of these developments, investors injected billions of dollars into the legal pot industry – but it hasn’t been plain sailing for them or...Read more
S&P 500 Executive Compensation Review
Which S&P 500 companies showed the greatest Pay for Performance misalignment in 2019? How does CEO granted and realized pay compare across industries? What trends can you expect in the upcoming 2020 proxy season? CGLytics has released the inaugural S&P 500 Executive Compensation Review for companies’ and investors to prepare for the 2020 proxy season. Key topics of the report include: The S&P 500’s...Read more
2020 AGM Season Forecast
The ever-changing corporate landscape is making the AGM season a more uncertain time. In the UK, proxy adviser influence increased significantly, by 3.3% of the issued share capital of the average FTSE Company in just one year. More directors were held to account with higher votes against Remuneration Committee members. Investors became more courageous, voting against large salary increases, high pensions, egregious...Read more
The benefits of an active IR program and how to get started
The competencies of the ‘IRO of the past’ are not congruent with the demands IROs are facing in today's market. Today’s IRO has more responsibilities than ever, and needs to be equal parts sales and numbers focused. To keep up with these demands, a growing number of IR teams are using an active approach to IR. The following whitepaper from Irwin outlines the benefits of an active IR strategy, and how to get started...Read more
Making ESG data work for you
This white paper looks at some of the important ways investors and companies are sourcing and using ESG-related data and offers insight into how the current landscape is evolving. To do so, it includes useful insights into the investor’s view from Parnassus Investments, and into the perspective of a data provider from Bloomberg. Download the white paper below to gain in-depth insights about ESG data and how you need...Read more
What does it take to have a winning IR strategy?
The newest white paper from OTC Markets Group, reflects on the recent IR Magazine Awards – Small Cap. In its third year the calibre of nominees continues to improve and the paper offers case studies sharing best practice tips from winners and nominees. The success of the nominees and winners reflects on a range of IR best practices, including: A successful rebranding campaign by Safehold Industry-leading investor...Read more
Disclosure on Gender Diversity
The issue of gender diversity has become a prominent topic in corporate social responsibility discussions in recent years. Companies around the world have launched extensive programs and initiatives to tackle the gender gap in their workforces. At times, even when companies have implemented programs successfully, these efforts have gone unnoticed beyond the firm. This has been due, in part, to insufficient...Read more
Do You Know Your Stock’s Liquidity Characteristics?
This new white paper from ModernIR looks at why market structure analytics are a vital part of modern IR practice. It sets out a straightforward, jargon-free briefing to help you understand market structure so you can communicate it with your board, executives and other stakeholders. Download this helpful report today. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form,...Read more
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