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Why materiality assessments matter
In this new report from Goby, find out the benefits that completing a materiality assessment could have for your company. Companies can use this process to identify the most important ESG issues through criteria that include sustainability drivers, strategic business goals, and stakeholder perspectives. Download it below to find out more. Please complete the form below with the information...Read more
2021 AGM Season forecast: Successful annual meetings
This new report from EQ is designed to help you prepare for 2021's annual meeting season. Some of the key themes covered in this straightforward resource are: Regulatory changes in 2021 and how should companies prepare? What ESG developments will shareholders be asking questions about this year? Executive compensation top tips to help you tackle this thorny issue Download it below for practical...Read more
Sustainability spurs investment: Public company case study
This new report from IHS Markit offers a case study of Ball Corporation, a well-established industrials leader that was seeking to amplify its outreach strategy to attract additional investment from ESG-focused investors. It sets out the specific strategies and measuring methodologies used to undertake this task. Download this report today to find out tips and analysis to inform your targeting and outreach...Read more
Views from the buy-side: COVID edition
At Irwin, we understand how challenging it can be to get your company's message and story out to investors. Winning the attention of the buy-side in regular circumstances can be difficult enough, let alone in the middle of a pandemic. If you've struggled to adjust to this new reality, we have you covered. In this eBook, investors explain how to: communicate and win the attention of investors during COVID-19 pitch...Read more
Investor Relations is a competitive advantage
This new IHS Markit analysis focuses on best-in-class IR programs, identifying what makes these teams stand above the rest and quantifying their success. By creating a lower cost of capital and a competitive business advantage, companies are better positioned to maximize valuation. Key findings in this report are: How effective investor relations impacts valuation and volatility Candid quotes from industry leading...Read more
Preparing for 2021 annual meeting & proxy season
Watch the free and informative webinar replay discussing key topics that appeared in annual meeting and proxy season 2020, and what to expect in 2021, including: Shareholder meeting options (physical, digital, hybrid), a breakdown of the meeting formats used in 2020 and common concerns Integrating ESG as well as COVID impact disclosure into your 2021 proxy Reviewing your Executive Compensation, Pay...Read more
ESG and the earnings call: Closing the short-term/long-term gap
ESG, or Environmental, Social and Governance matters, are likely to play an increasing role in quarterly earnings calls. To do so effectively, senior leaders and IR teams must learn to balance the disclosure requirements of short-term quarterly reporting with longer-term strategies for ESG disclosure. By following six simple guidelines and observing the Dos and Don’ts of quarterly ESG disclosures, companies can make...Read more
Telling your ESG story: Making a winning case to investors in your ESG reporting
Now more than ever, investors and other key stakeholders are demanding businesses follow a robust environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda and report on their impact. That's why 90% of S&P 500 companies disclosed their ESG performance as recently as 2019. Produced as a comprehensive guide for investor relations officers and sustainability professionals alike, 3BL Media’s latest e-book offers tips for...Read more
ESG Communications best practices
Investors want companies to connect the dots between their financial and non-financial matters. In this white paper from Notified, it’ll outline Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) communications best practices and provide real-world examples of companies who excel at combining ESG, stakeholder comms and investor relations. You'll learn: Why your IR website is the...Read more
Maturing your governance framework in a digital age
How can technology help your governance role? Computershare has developed this whitepaper to help corporate secretaries and governance professionals harness and optimize the use of technology for the benefit of their business. It covers four themes: Operating a ‘single version of the truth’ Save time by managing workflows more efficiently Navigating changing governance and compliance requirements Using data...Read more
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