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The self-sufficient IRO
In today’s increasingly complex global markets, IROs can find it challenging just to stay on top of activity in their stock. The growth of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), passive investing, cross-border investing and high-frequency trading (HFT), combined with greater volatility, have made it increasingly difficult to track and monitor ownership. To meet these challenges, IROs need to think beyond traditional...Read more
Inside The Buy-side® 3Q17 Earnings Primer
Do investors still view equities as overvalued? What are they expecting for 2018? Survey says… For over a decade, we have surveyed global investors on the equity markets, world economies and business climate. At the start of every quarter, we publish our leading-edge research report, “Inside The Buy-side®”, which captures real-time investor sentiment and trends. Our unique approach to market research and experienced...Read more
D.F King’s General Meeting Season Review
In the run up to 2018, D.F. King’s General Meeting Season Review provides an in depth analysis of the voting trends in the UK and Europe and outlines investor expectations for the coming year; direct quotes from investors will give issuers insight for more effective shareholder dialogue. Their review examines the evolution of corporate governance regimes and holistic IR and identifies the hot topics for investors...Read more
Attracting Investors
According to OTC Markets’ inaugural Small-Cap Survey (June 2017), 70% of small-cap CEOs/CFOs manage their IR internally, but spend only 11% of their time on investor outreach. Given today’s competitive financial markets, the ability for small and micro-cap companies to gain exposure and attract a targeted investor base is even more critical. For useful, straightforward tips and IR best practices tailored to small-...Read more
The earnings call: When investor relations officers prove their worth
The earnings call is arguably the single most important point of contact between a public company and the market. A wrong word, phrase or poor explanation could cause your stock price to tumble. Enter the investor relations officer, the unsung hero of earnings calls. Intelligize chief strategy officer, Phil Brown, explores the modern earnings call, identifies the sheer volume of information IROs must consider when...Read more
The pros and cons of four financing options
Capital is the lifeblood of every business. Without it, companies don’t have the money they need to hire new employees, purchase equipment, develop new products and services and expand their operations. In this report, OTC Markets examines the pros and cons of common debt and equity financing methods used by smaller companies: Regulation D Offering Follow-On Offering Convertible Note Offering Regulation A+ Offering...Read more
Identifying and understanding FTSE 350 IR best practice
In light of the upcoming MiFID II regulatory changes, Orient Capital interviewed 10% of the FTSE 350 with the aim of gathering intelligence on the overall investor relations landscape; best practice, challenges and possible implications. This report presents their findings, which aim to provide insights into the increasing importance of the IR function and the growing amount of support required to run and manage a...Read more
Is your IR site a security liability?
Read the latest white paper from Business Wire to learn how to address key areas of vulnerability for investor relations websites. Ibrey Woodall, senior vice president of web communications services, shares her insights into three essential elements of a secure IR site: internal workflow, technical compatibility and security awareness and diligence. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once...Read more
Looking to the future: MiFID II and the impact on investor relations
With all the talk on MiFID II, there has been little in-depth focus on how the Investor Relations function will be impacted because much of the detail is focused on the technical elements of trading, price discovery, reporting and transparency. To find out more about how IR is likely to be affected, download this report today. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the...Read more
REIT conversion analysis
According to Ipreo’s latest report, the price performance and investor composition of four recent real estate investment trust (REIT) conversions – AMT, IRM, CCI and EQIX – show the tendency for the stock to outperform and have an influx of new REIT-dedicated investors after announcing the conversion to REIT status. With thorough case studies of these four companies, this report will help you to understand some of...Read more
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