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How Companies Can Use Digital and Social Media to Fend off Activists
As the 2017 proxy season looms, recent precedent and enhanced compliance clarity is empowering public companies to consider a new set of innovative digital and social media strategies when addressing activist investor campaigns. In this article, we outline some of the top digital and social tactics companies are now incorporating into their activist defense mix. With the landscape shifting, we expect these tactics...Read more
Berenberg’s 11 Rules of Roadshowing
A helpful guide for IR teams looking to improve their roadshows. The Berenberg Corporate Access team share their knowledge and top tips accumulated from organizing hundreds of successful roadshows a year in multiple regions – simple do’s and don’ts which can make a huge difference. If they joined an investor relations team tomorrow these are the guidelines they would introduce. The contents include: Sweat your...Read more
The evolving role of investor relations in competitive intelligence
Call it competitive intelligence, market intelligence, media monitoring or something else, a successful intelligence gathering function shares a few common characteristics that translate into effectiveness, efficiency and strategic importance. To gain access to the report, please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive or be taken to the report. We...Read more
Current IR strategies fail to adapt to evolved investor landscape; four practical steps for success in 2017
Advances in technology and changes in regulation have affected how Wall Street works. The result is four trends we believe should drive IR planning for 2017. We present four recommendations, which depart from where traditional IR programs spend the bulk of their time. Like any activity, investor relations needs to evolve with the times to remain relevant and effective, and provide the greatest value to your company...Read more
Potential impact of Mifid II on IR practices and the corresponding role of technology
Mifid II will set new rules governing research and, by association, corporate access, posing challenges for IR professionals by potentially impacting the dissemination of investment cases and interactions between investors and quoted companies. Technology is expected to play a key role, responding to expected changes with new research distribution and corporate access platforms. It is anticipated that these will...Read more
Professional IR Webcasting: A Buyers Guide
The modern investor relations communication is no longer just about broadcasting results to your investors and the financial community. As one of your flagship communication events in the calendar year, results time is an opportunity to instil absolute confidence in the business, while demonstrating that you are leading the charge with exceptional ideas and doing the right thing as an organization...Read more
Best-Practice Boards Are Increasingly Engaging with Investors
Board-shareholder communication has been gaining momentum over the past few years, yet many directors continue to be averse to shareholder engagement due to concerns about Regulation FD or inadvertently saying something out of step with management. Many institutional investors increasingly view the willingness of boards to communicate with investors as a gauge of board effectiveness and culture. A group of best...Read more
Ipreo’s Corporate Access Survey 2016
The report below presents the results from Ipreo's 2016 Corporate Access Survey, which included close to 350 respondents from 31 countries, spanning all market caps and sectors. This marks the 6th year that they have conducted the survey, which monitors: corporate issuers’ activity levels and management participation, sell-side sponsor strengths and weaknesses, and overall satisfaction with the corporate access...Read more
Sep 16, 2016
12 ways to help your IR and PR teams work as one
Investor Relations (IR) is a PR function. PR works for Investor Relations. Both true because both teams work for the same goal. But, the people behind Investor Relations, Public Relations, and all the other comms functions often sit in different departments. That’s an opportunity: there are countless areas where stronger collaboration can deliver results. Areas like Regulation Fair Disclosure, keeping every...Read more
Sep 01, 2016
Next-generation ownership
Download the white paper to understand the capabilities an IR program needs in order to navigate today’s complex landscape. Highlights include: Who owns your stock? Implications of the complex global market Understanding global ownership: the view differs by region Advanced ownership analytics: context matters Integrating ownership and targeting A virtual team member within your IR workflow How insight and...Read more
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