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Moving from CSR to ESG reporting – where to start for the greatest impact?
Download this straightforward briefing below to read key information to convey in your ESG report, covering: What investors are looking for today How to ensure visibility on investors' radars A clear explanation on understanding reporting standards And much more. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive or be taken to the...Read more
Pharma report: Top 5 critical themes for H2 2020 pharma IR
The pandemic and its impact on the economy, business performance, and society have created new reporting challenges for investor relations teams in the pharma sector. Sentieo have been tracking the trends and signals and have identified five topics IROs and their staff should be prepared for in the run-up to earnings season and H2 2020. Download it below. Please complete the form below with the...Read more
2020 Guide to effective proxies
COVID-19 and its aftermath continue to shine a spotlight on certain ESG issues. Depending on a company’s sector and business model, these include employee health and safety, supply chain and effective board oversight. Investors want to understand the ESG-related risks and opportunities facing their portfolio companies, and how “sustainable” are these companies and thus the value of their investment. They seek...Read more
The Ultimate Guide to Earnings
Earnings present a quarterly opportunity to make a strong impression on the Street and frame expectations for investors. IROs have to contextualize and give meaning to a company’s numbers, prep management for analyst questions, manage the logistics of a smooth call and ensure that marketplace perceptions are on point. The key is crafting messages that resonate with the Street while maximizing engagement. Here are 10...Read more
3 Ways to better tell your investor relations brand story
Learn 3 simple ways to boost the impact of your investor relations story. Lengthy copy and tabular tables aren't enough in today’s contemporary communications environment. Stakeholders are interacting with brands across social channels, websites, apps, podcasts, and radio. IR communicators who stick with the status quo are missing out on highlighting their unique story, building their brand image and ultimately...Read more
Missing out: Why access to real-time analyst model revisions matters
Download this thorough study below to learn why IR professionals need to receive and consume sell-side analyst models in as close to real time as possible throughout the quarter, covering: When and how often analysts revise estimates across companies in the S&P 500 during a fiscal quarter Common methods that IROs use to monitor analyst and consensus revisions and how these correlate with the...Read more
Considering an investor day?
Strategic questions to inform your planning in an increasingly virtual world Continuing to communicate regularly and effectively with the investment community has never been more important. And leading that conversation with an investor day — even if it means a shift to a virtual environment — is a strategically sound investment. These 12 strategic questions will help...Read more
7 Ways to boost investor relations webinar engagement and results
Did you know that 63% of online professionals are willing to spend up to an hour watching a webinar? This number will continue to grow as more and more companies replace large in-person meetings for the convenience of an online event. Download our free checklist to create a memorable and engaging virtual event that will leave attendees wanting more. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once...Read more
Making lasting connections - virtual investor days
This report provides an overview of key strategic and tactical considerations for companies thinking about virtual investor days during COVID-19. As with other forms of virtual shareholder engagement, the stakes are high, and how companies execute these events sends an important signal to the market about the company’s engagement style and governance. With candid quotes and insights from IROs at The Ford Motor...Read more
Financial reporting: How to keep the big picture in focus
The default option for decades and the prevailing perception has been – investors want cut and dry numbers. Yet, that thinking is antiquated. It is time to shake up that paradigm. Brands should be asking themselves “How can we dynamically communicate the uniqueness and essence of our brand and culture to investors, reporters and the wider financial community through a multi-channel approach?”. The opportunity is...Read more
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