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As hedge funds evolve, what should IROs know?
IROs have recently begun re-evaluating how they view hedge funds, generally moving from wariness to a more welcoming stance, according to Liz Everett, head of global corporate access at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. This shift, she says, is a positive one, given that ‘there have been some truly great partnerships over time between IR professionals and hedge funds.’ Find out more in this article. To gain access to...Read more
Jun 16, 2016
Understanding options activity and strategies
The world of equity options is vast and can be difficult to digest, but it offers valuable insight for IROs and their executive teams if they can properly interpret the data. This paper from Ipreo is a guide to understanding the relevance of options activity, containing case studies, metrics and analysis to give a thorough overview of this subject. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once...Read more
Jun 02, 2016
Why more companies today create IR documents in-house
The creation of in-house corporate reports has long been limited to regulatory documents such as the 10K form in the US. A new generation of cloud-based tools has emerged, allowing companies to create a colorful range of stylized reports, online annual reports and interactive proxy statements, all from a single source on one united platform. The following paper will review how this new technology has evolved and...Read more
Jun 02, 2016
Should Boards of Directors Communicate with Shareholders?
Director-shareholder ­­­communication has become a critical part of both normal-course and contentious investor relations. Despite this trend, many directors are passionately against the idea of engaging directly with shareholders. Directors who have successfully engaged with shareholders offer important recommendations, including: have a policy, identify directors who are best suited for the task, have an agenda,...Read more
Be of value by adding value
Are you getting maximum value from your annual report? You’ve just delivered it and you’re thinking it has finally been put to bed for the next six months. Why not reuse, recycle and repurpose the annual report’s design, theme and language? The following paper explores the many ways to contribute to the company’s bottom line by using the report to create brand awareness, build credibility, drive sales and maintain a...Read more
Apr 22, 2016
An IR perspective on the Singapore market
The scope IR has grown beyond bridging the gap between listed companies and their shareholders. A nationwide IR survey conducted in 2015 by Financial PR on companies listed on SGX reveals that companies of different sizes have different IR objectives, but the majority place attracting institutional investors as important. About half perceive that engagement with analysts is the most effective means to draw investor...Read more
Apr 16, 2016
Did you know? Overboarding: New policy on directors spreading themselves “too thin”
As of November 2015, both ISS and Glass Lewis have changed their policy regarding overboarding, effective in the 2017 proxy season. Download this report from Ipreo to find out more about these policy changes, what they could mean for your company and how overboarding may affect the vote support of different institutional investors. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled...Read more
Mar 07, 2016
Raising theRaising the bar in financial disclosure bar in financial disclosure
Edelman and Business Wire launched a study of institutional investors, sellside analysts, retail investors and financial media to delve into how they use and digest earnings data and to determine how new visual approaches are being received by these key stakeholders. Using an online survey and in-depth interviews, we spoke to 300 retail investors, more than 20 Wall Street professionals and select financial media...Read more
Mar 01, 2016
2016 proxy season: What you should know as you draft your proxy statement and prepare for your annual meeting
Georgeson and Latham & Watkins join together to discuss what public companies and their advisers should know and be doing now as we enter the 2016 proxy season, including: Executive compensation developments Latest proxy advisory firm policy Negotiating shareholder proposals Proxy disclosure issues and drafting tips Shareholder communications during proxy season Predictions for the upcoming season Please...Read more
Jan 12, 2016
Legal risks posed by corporate access events
Corporate access events, when properly executed, provide opportunities for issuer, broker and money manager. Proper execution requires an understanding of the legal issues that may arise during a corporate access event. This report focuses on those legal issues, including: the risk of violating Regulation FD; the risk of violating Rule 10b-5 (i.e., engaging in insider trading); the legal requirement that companies...Read more
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