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Why the Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) matters?
Pitfalls of non-compliance With SRD II regulations now firmly established in most European countries, intermediaries potentially face severe penalties for breaching shareholder identification rules under SRD II. However, with good planning and the right partners, not only can penalties be completely avoided, but intermediaries may improve their levels of client service through strong compliance...Read more
Embarking on your ESG journey - a five-step engagement process
In this article, DFIN discusses how having strong ESG performance is one thing – but getting credit for that performance requires that you tell your story very effectively. It sets out the ways in which failure to disclose a coherent ESG strategy can mean companies are penalized and how you can expect this, including becoming a target for activist investors, and more. It offers: Frequently asked questions...Read more
How to understand and engage with the modern retail investor
It’s no secret that retail investing is on the rise. While institutional investors have dominated the stock market for a few decades, retail investors are making their comeback. This guide will help you to discover what drives your retail investor base and learn how to communicate with the different styles of retail investors . Get your FREE copy of ‘How to...Read more
The IRO’s guide to stakeholder engagement
This new report from Notified offers statistics, analysis and candid quotes on 8 key areas of stakeholder engagement, including ESG, retail investors and IR websites. It contains: Case studies from Apple, Ericsson, Volkswagen, Nokia, IR Magazine Award winners, and more Latest trends in sustainability reporting How to embed sustainability within the reporting cycle 10 questions to help assess your own approach to...Read more
How to measure ROI of investor relations software
Enterprise software can be a significant expense for many businesses, and IR software can be no exception. Yet, like every other enterprise software product, your IR software should be able to demonstrate return on investment (ROI). Learn how to evaluate the value of your investor relations software through quantitative and qualitative measures. Get your FREE copy of the ‘How to Measure ROI of...Read more
The social media dilemma for investor relations
This new report from Magellan Yates looks at some of the key areas to consider when thinking about using social media for IR. It covers: How social media can help achieve IR goals Drawbacks of more traditional communication methods How social platforms can make studying the ROI of an IR budget easier and more transparent Download it for free below! Please complete the form below with the...Read more
The future of engagement
This new report from Proxymity looks at virtual AGMs, their impact on governance, legislation around them and voting trends. It explores these questions and more: Did shareholder bases become more international as a result of virtual meetings? And if they meaningfully changed, what does that mean for investor engagement during the next year? How is legislation driving transparency? Download it today for a...Read more
Accelerating progress for the IR community
This report announces that S&P Global and IHS Markit have completed their merger, and sets out how investor relations departments and corporate teams can effectively monitor the financial markets, their corporate peers and their company performance while working to obtain and retain shareholders, optimize stock valuation and decrease volatility. Download it below today! Please complete the form below with the...Read more
Empowering issuers with analytics and insights
A great IR team must be able to assist the C-suite with the challenges faced in navigating capital markets by obtaining awareness and engagement with the investment community. This report from Generation IACP sets out how important the combination of trading, data intelligence and communication can be to help guide any issuer. It explains how their insights can help narrow the difference between the price to buy and...Read more
The changing investor engagement landscape
This new report from Q4 offers current data and trends on how the events of the past two years are impacting investor engagement. With statistics and analysis on: Shareholder changes Investor conferences International travel And more Download this useful report to stay abreast of the latest IR trends. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form,...Read more
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