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Keeping up with ESG: IR on the frontline
This report from Diligent looks at key current questions in ESG , including: how prepared are organizations for upcoming ESG challenges? how can IR teams effectively communicate their progress with investors and other stakeholders? the results of a recent survey carried out by Diligent and non-profit think tank OCEG into ESG practice how are companies budgeting for ESG, and what are the links...Read more
Extreme pressure: How regulation and shifts in investment preferences have fundamentally changed investor relations for small cap companies
This new white paper from Asbury Investor Relations examines the sea change taking place in the capital markets ecosystem over the past three years, covering: ESG Mifid II The rise of retail ownership Activism This report focuses particularly on the impact of these changes on small and mid-cap companies , most of which do not currently have adequate resources to properly deal with these issues. The...Read more
The state of virtual and hybrid investor conferences 2021
As the leading partner to global banks in hosting and managing virtual investor conferences, OpenExchange is working with conference organizers to define the post-pandemic landscape of investor events. In their recent report, they surveyed conference organizers, presenters and attendees to fully capture how they view the future of investor conferences. Some highlights of the report include: how...Read more
Irwin case study: Constellation Software
This new case study of Constellation Software, a leading provider of specialized software and services, includes insights from CFO Jamal Baksh on some of the challenges he has faced as a one-man show managing all the IR strategy and keeping track of investor activity, and the solutions he has found. It covers: monitoring shareholders and identifying potential activism how to quickly access shareholder histories how...Read more
Pitfalls to avoid in investor relations communications
This new report from Cision offers insights and analysis on four of the most frequent mistakes they regularly observe in IR messaging – and how to fix them. It covers: Neglecting to communicate long-term goals Inconsistent messaging Limiting your targets And more! Download it today! Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive or...Read more
Addressing questions about the materiality of corporate ESG disclosure
Over the last few months the topic of 'materiality' in disclosures has been the subject in several SEC leadership speeches. This briefing from DFIN focuses on ESG and materiality assessment, and presents best practice to determine company-specific materiality and decide on content to be disclosed or not. It answers questions such as: How long does a materiality assessment take? What is the best way to use the...Read more
A new approach to ESG integration for investor relations teams guide
This guide is designed to help investor relations teams explore a new, integrated approach to ESG research that can help IROs move from reactive to proactive in their narrative development and strategy. Download the guide below. Please complete the form below with the information requested. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive or be taken to the white paper. We need this information...Read more
Irwin case study: Lantern Pharma
This new case study of Lantern Pharma sets out candid quotes and tips from head of investor relations, Marek Ciszewski, on targeting, tracking and growing relationships with investors. It covers how Lantern Pharma: targets investors by location to arrange meetings around the CEO’s schedule to maximize opportunities targets investors by geographic region, sector, market cap and peer investments for their outreach...Read more
The state of investor relations in the virtual world
What do you do when your business is turned on its head due to a global pandemic and other unforeseen circumstances beyond your control? Cision teamed up with the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) to show how IR teams took on one of the most challenging years in modern history and adjusted strategies for 2021 (and beyond). The study, The state of investor relations in the virtual world ,...Read more
Honing the ESG strategy
This report from Raymond James sets out the latest developments in ESG research, including: useful resources for ESG strategy and research a focus on the S in ESG: social issues how Raymond James have been able to provide sustainability insights on small and mid cap companies that are often less covered or misrated by ESG ratings agencies Download it below for free Please complete the form below...Read more
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